Career, schmeer, we’re talking about the opportunity to join an innovation hyperloop…

We the people of the Harvard Innovation Labs are on a meteoric mission to making a profound difference in the world by inspiring and helping Harvard students and alumni realize their inner innovators and all the learning that successful innovation demands. If you’re interested in innovation generally, entrepreneurship specifically, or just want to join an organization that is committed to personal and professional transformation as the central means of creating better everything, read on.

The Harvard Innovation Labs is a unique collaborative and educational ecosystem designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship across the local and global Harvard community and as a central hub of the burgeoning Allston Science and Enterprise District. The Labs consist of a range of programs and two physical spaces that are adjacent to the Harvard Business School campus. Each year, we welcome thousands of students and hundreds of student- and alumni-led ventures focused on ideas that have the potential to make the world work a whole lot better. And boy could the world use that. The core programs are below:

The i-lab

The i-lab is a One Harvard learning and doing collaborative open to any full-time, degree-seeking Harvard student from any Harvard school seeking to explore innovation and/or entrepreneurship at any stage. Whether a student is a looker, a creeper or a leaper into the vast vat called innovation, he or she is welcome here.

All students can tap into a range of i-lab resources from staff advising and workshops to co-working space and the chance to be accepted into the Venture Incubation Program (VIP), a 12-week integrated offering that helps student startups realize meaningful progress while learning what it takes to lead, to manage and to respond to the infinite challenges that starting a startup presents. We also run an annual student-led competition called the President’s Innovation Challenge which awards $310,000 in prize money. And as much as we explain that it’s not about the money, well, it does help.

Launch Lab X

Launch Lab X is a groundbreaking startup accelerator for Harvard alumni-led ventures from around the world. The exclusive nine-month residential program is designed to support ventures with truly disruptive ideas that are committed to building viable businesses. We only accept 10 to 15 teams per cohort. Launch Lab X teams are housed within the i-lab and they’re really happy about it.

The Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab

The Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab is where brilliant science that has the capacity to heal, to cure and to reduce some of life’s miseries is occurring. It’s a shared laboratory and coworking space for high-potential life sciences and biotech startups founded by Harvard faculty, alumni, students, and postdoctoral scholars. The 15,000-square-foot facility features a fully-equipped and permitted laboratory with 36 work benches, co-working spaces, several conference rooms and a full kitchen. It also has cold brew 24/7.

So that’s what we are. The question is who are you?

Because we’re not just looking for people to do jobs. We’re looking for a certain kind of who. We’re looking for lions, tigers and bears who aren’t afraid to ponder and ask, who are insatiably curious about the world and the way it all works, beginning with the species called humans. And as importantly, we’re after team members who stand on their toes, not on their heels. Selfless peers who are willing to push forward in order to realize their fullest potential and that of the Harvard Innovation Labs.

If that sounds like you, we encourage you to check out our current needs on the links to the right. If anything fits you or someone you know, send thoughts, questions and a compelling story to:  i-lab@harvard.edu

Thanks for stopping by.