Funding Your Social Venture When Your User is Not Your Payor

4:30 pm — 5:30 pm
Monday, October 3, 2022

You know your customer needs your product, but they can’t pay for it. So how do you make sure your venture is financially viable? In this session, you’ll learn six different funding models to find which ones will work best for your venture. Plus, you’ll walk away with a set of specific tools to kick-start the funding.


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Speaker Name: Rebekah Emanuel

Rebekah Emanuel is Director of Social Entrepreneurship at Harvard Innovation Labs. A McKinsey alum and HBS grad, Rebekah has started flagship organizations across the private, public and social sectors. Recruited away from McKinsey to help found the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after the 2008 market crash, she helped craft the strategy for one of the few start-up federal agencies so far in her lifetime. Rebekah also served as a Director at the City of Boston, where she wrote the first longterm plan for Boston in 50 years outlining where and how the city will grow including critical plans addressing climate change. The metrics she designed to track progress attracted media attention for their cutting edge public accountability. In the private sector, Rebekah was on the founding team at Devoted Health, growing it from 14 employees and an organization without a name picked out to one with widespread name recognition. Rebekah served as Devoted’s Head of Clinical Operations. For over 10 years Rebekah has served Muso Health, where she has been Chair of the Board. Muso is credited by Reuters with the fastest and steepest decline in child mortality ever documented. Steering the organization as the country faced a hostage crisis, a military coup, and battled ebola, Muso continually achieved better clinical results as well as faster and faster patient contact times– a key metric in saving infant lives. Rebekah holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an LLM in Law from the National University of Ireland Galway as a Mitchell Scholar, and a BA from Yale University.

Funding Your Social Venture When Your User is Not Your Payor
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