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Mar 29, 2024

The Start-up Fundraising Playbook

The Start-up Fundraising Playbook
The Start-up Fundraising Playbook

Decipher startup fundraising stress with an actionable playbook: recent trends, investor identification, VC capital steps covered and more!

The Start-up Fundraising PlaybookRaising capital is stressful and often an opaque process. This talk is meant to demystify the VC fundraising process and provide an actionable playbook for raising capital for your start-up. The talk touches on: 1) recent fundraising trends, 2) identifying investors, 3) preparing for due diligence, and 4) steps required to raise capital with VCs. The talk is relevant for folks interested in start-ups, VC, and entrepreneurship.


Oliver Spalding is an early-stage investor and Instructor at The Wharton School of Business teaching entrepreneurship.

Oliver has spent over 5 years as a venture capital investor, including time at Optum Ventures, a $1B+ venture capital firm focused on health tech investments and Brook Venture Partners, a growth equity firm focused on later-stage software and healthcare IT investments. He has also held operational roles at high growth start-ups including Groups Recover Together ($115M raised), a healthcare start-up backed by Bessemer, OV, and Oak HC/FT as well as at Atomic, a leading venture studio (founder of hims and hers (NYSE:HIMS), Openstore, Homebound).

Oliver is an advisor for a number of start-up accelerators and has provided guest lectures at leading academic institutions. He specializes in helping start-up founders and executives raise capital, execute M&A, and tell the financial story of their business to investors. Oliver has his B.A. in Economics with Honors from Wake Forest University and his MBA from The Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania.


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