Office Hours

All full-time, degree-seeking Harvard students have access to office hours with some of the most innovative, creative and seasoned experts in the venture space. You do not need to be in the Venture Incubation Program to access this remarkable resource. You can also meet with Staff Advisors who have a host of knowledge in many areas and are an excellent resource for helping you navigate the Harvard Innovation Labs journey.

Booking Office Hours

All appointments are in-person meetings at the Harvard i-lab. Confirmed appointments are non-transferable; the individual requesting the appointment must be present at the meeting.

Please use the form below to book an appointment with one of our experts, making sure that you:

  • Register using your Harvard student email address.
  • Provide all of the information requested in the booking form and include relevant documents for your requested meeting (e.g. pitch deck).

You will receive an email once your appointment is confirmed.

Appointments are confirmed daily, but same-day appointments are not available. Requests submitted after 5 PM for appointments the next day are considered same-day and may not be approved.