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Meeting Room Guidelines

Please adhere to the following rules and guidelines for using the meeting rooms:

  • Check in on the iPad located outside of each meeting room. Meetings that have not been checked in within 15-minutes of the start time will be cancelled.
  • Meeting rooms are for group work, in-person meetings, or remote meetings via Zoom or a similar platform. They are not intended for independent work. Individuals are invited to work at tables in the open co-working space or lobby.
  • The i-lab’s coworking space and meeting rooms are intended for individual startup ventures and entrepreneurial work, but not for casework, school projects, studying, or unrelated activities. Individuals working on projects unrelated to entrepreneurship or innovation will be asked to work on those projects elsewhere.
  • Be respectful and limit your reservation time to a two-hour maximum per day per individual and/or team. Any reservations that exceed two hours in length will be cancelled.
  • Reservations are not permitted to be booked more than two months in advance. Any reservations made more than two months in advance will be cancelled.
  • Please leave the room in better condition than you found it. Reset tables and chairs and erase all whiteboard walls for the next group.

For those in the Allston/Brighton community, please use the following community rooms: 150, 151, 152. Those rooms are designated accessible conference rooms. If a group with accessibility needs requires meeting space, you may be asked to move to a different room. Please note that these rooms are not intended for internal Harvard meetings, those outside the Allston/Boston community, and work that is not related to entrepreneurship.

Please note: Room reservations are not guaranteed and are subject to cancellation or change. In the event of a reservation change, we will notify you by the email provided in your reservation and do our best to suggest alternative arrangements.

For questions, please email