Beaver Health, Inc.
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Beaver Health, Inc.

Alumni Launch Lab

Beaver Health, Inc.

Engaging older loved ones in stimulating, culturally responsive activities to boost cognition and quality of life.


Emily Wang

Harvard College

About Beaver Health, Inc.


2023-24 Academic Year


Harvard College


Launch Lab X GEO

Beaver Health is an AI-powered platform inspired by the challenges many families face when caring for their older loved ones. Many individuals face long waitlists for specialist appointments and instead rely on online resources. This can create feelings of stress, anxiety, and confusion around whether their loved ones are receiving the care they need. Beaver Health offers families evidence-based and technology-enabled services designed to improve the cognition and well-being of both older adults and their caregivers.

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We're now accepting applications for our global online accelerator, exclusively for Harvard alumni.

Group of founders drinking coffee at a workshop
Two founders at the i-lab