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Crop Diagnostix

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Crop Diagnostix

Building the future of predictive agriculture with patented, AI-powered gene expression technology.


Brandon Chi

Harvard Business School

Joseph Swift

Salk Institute of Biological Studies

Amitesh Pratap

About Crop Diagnostix


2024 Spring


Harvard Business School


Climate Circle


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Farmers are currently over-applying chemical inputs, such as fertilizers and pesticides, by 65%. This over-application escalates costs for the farmer while leading to intense carbon emissions and environmental damage. The root reason behind the over-application of chemicals is a lack of knowledge regarding plant health and crop requirements. Crop Diagnostix is an AI platform that uses patented gene expression technology to predict yield and plant stress from the earliest stages, enabling farmers to be proactive, optimize inputs, and maximize yield. Ultimately, Crop Diagnostix is building the largest gene expression database in agriculture, that will not only revolutionize the way we farm, but the way we breed new plant varieties and manufacture new inputs.

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