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Mai Soli Foundation

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Mai Soli Foundation

Empowering young girls to break the cycle of child marriage with education and entrepreneurship.


Aria Mustary

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Aaron Wendell

About Mai Soli Foundation


2024 Spring


Harvard Graduate School of Education


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Mai Soli Foundation is the first to clear a new path for young girls to evade child marriage and choose their own futures through a scalable empowerment program. Modeled after the mother of co-founder Aria Mustary, and her inspirational path from child bride to entrepreneur, the foundation’s programming targets at-risk young girls in the Global South and gives them a transformative set of skills. With the help of instructors and a tailor-made curriculum, young girls receive personalized mentorship, improved leadership competencies, and hard skills in entrepreneurship that set them up for financial success. Their newfound leadership, confidence, and economic tools allow these girls to show their value to their families, flipping the script to prove to parents that a failure to support their daughters is ultimately a threat to the financial prosperity of the entire family. Through this programming, executed at scale through systems and a centralized support model, Mai Soli Foundation will be the organization that ends child marriage once and for all.

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