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Neuronspike Technologies

Alumni Launch Lab

Neuronspike Technologies

Developing brain-inspired custom chips to help enterprises build cutting-edge proprietary generative AI systems.


Dovran Amanov

Harvard Kenneth C. Griffin Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

About Neuronspike Technologies


2023-24 Academic Year


Harvard Kenneth C. Griffin Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Launch Lab X GEO

Neuronspike Technologies is designing brain-inspired chips that are specifically designed to empower enterprises interested in proprietary AI systems. Conventionally, generative AI systems have high-speed and extensive space requirements. This necessitates the use of large-scale Graphic Processing Units (GPUS). Neuronspike’s chips address this problem by providing a compact solution for storing and processing memory at rapid speeds. We aim to reduce the barrier for enterprises by effectively overcoming the limitations of conventional GPUs in space and speed.

Calling All Harvard Alumni

We welcome alumni to explore our ecosystem by attending events, connecting with fellow alumni in the space, and signing up for updates.