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Student i-lab


Creating 3D-printed designer furniture that can be tailored to personalized needs and traded-in for renewal.


Yihan (Connie) Hui

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Zhishen (Shaw) Chen

Harvard Graduate School of Design

About reer


2024 Spring


Harvard Graduate School of Design

Less than 5% of furniture waste gets recycled. The surge in sales of mass-produced furniture during the pandemic could soon lead to an overflow in landfills. Our conversations with renters who frequently relocate revealed a common thread of concern and dissatisfaction with the hassle of dealing with used items during moves. Meanwhile, there is also a lack of easy and sustainable solutions in the designer furniture market. Customization of high-end furniture is limited to a set of choices, and the generic design of light-luxury and fast furniture brands fail to offer unique identity or fit specific customer needs. The typically long wait times for custom-made furniture causes a significant inconvenience.As renters and design-conscious furniture buyers ourselves, we aim to empower and engage customers in their furniture journey. Leveraging 3D printing technology, we enable mass customization of iconic designs. By offering simple trade-in services, we involve customers as partners in our sustainable initiative to achieve material circularity within reer’s product ecosystem. At reer, we make furniture that evolves with customers’ needs and home aesthetics over time.

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