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Providing on-demand solar irrigation to Indian farmers, increasing their access to affordable, reliable, and clean irrigation.


Rea Savla

Harvard Business School

Vishesh Mehta

UC Berkeley

About Solara


2024 Spring


Harvard Business School


Climate Circle


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Solara cofounders Rea Savla and Vishesh Mehta’s journey with Solara is deeply personal, rooted in our upbringing in farming families and our experiences volunteering with rural communities. The inspiration for Solara stems from a profound connection to the land and the people who toil on it: the farmers, often overlooked in India's growth narrative despite being the lifeblood of the nation. Our mission is to democratize irrigation for marginal farmers. We introduce solar-powered irrigation as a pay-per-use service, cutting irrigation costs in half for farmers while significantly reducing carbon emissions. Solara leverages innovative mobile and IoT-enabled solar irrigation systems, India's digital infrastructure, and a grassroots-led operational structure to deliver this transformative service affordably and profitably. The impact is profound: farmers double their incomes, and the planet benefits from a greener environment.

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Summer 2024 membership is now open – we cannot wait to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey.

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