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Harvard Innovation Labs Announces 2021 Summer Venture Program Cohort


The Harvard Innovation Labs today announced that 278 student-led ventures have been accepted into its 2021 Summer Venture Program.

“Summer is a time when Harvard students have an opportunity to focus more deeply on a project or pursuit about which they’re passionate, and I am thrilled that hundreds of students with entrepreneurial aspirations will use the summer months to build their ventures,” said Matt Segneri, Bruce and Bridgitt Evans Executive Director of the Harvard Innovation Labs. “Our team will work with the 2021 Summer Venture Program cohort in a virtual environment as we prepare for the re-opening of the Harvard i-lab’s physical space.”

The Summer Venture Program features a variety of resources to help teams explore ideas, collaborate with peers across the University, develop products and services, and scale ventures. These resources include individualized guidance from staff advisors, office hours and workshops with industry experts, and social events that encourage connection and community building.

Teams participating in the Summer Venture Program represent dozens of industries, including agriculture, the arts, consumer technology, e-commerce, education, enterprise software, fashion, finance, food and beverage, healthcare, media, medical devices, real estate, and many more. The startup founders come from all 13 Harvard schools—an excellent expression of the Harvard Innovation Labs’ vision to foster collaboration throughout the entire Harvard community.

137 ventures are participating in the Build It track, designed for students at more advanced stages of building a business around their products and services. 141 ventures are participating in the Start It track, focused on helping students develop their ideas and businesses at their earliest stages.

Below is the list of the 137 Build It track ventures. You can learn about all of the 278 ventures in the Summer Venture Program here.

B2B/Enterprise or High Tech

BamBoo Fund: A platform enabling employers to provide their employees a retirement benefit, at no cost to the employer or the employee.

BiomassTrust: IP able to validate the largest potential of woody biomass in the world, allowing it to stock carbon 3x faster than the current pellet fuel production.

BizBox: A mobile-first business tool for home services professionals on the go.

Cardinal: A user-friendly tool for architects that calculates early-stage embodied carbon within the building materials.

Concord Materials: An integrated material management platform for aggregate providers and ready-mix operators.

Condor Software: Helping life science finance teams scale clinical trial and R&D accounting.

dData: Using big data to track COVID-19’s impact on economic activity globally, without having to wait for official statistics to be released.

Elio: Providing reliable and easily searchable climate change data and analytics to accelerate coordinated climate action.

Evera: Providing on-demand, at-home lab testing.

EverActive: Wearables that track and assess performance, customize training programs, and prevent injuries while training with weights, bands and free body.

First90: A platform to build training “bootcamps” for new employees, using team-based simulations to help employees practice and receive feedback.

FlashCash: Allowing consumers to pay with their phone camera’s QR code reader, rather than cash or credit.

Fork Careers: Advancing individuals to higher wages and more fulfilling careers.

Marq Vision Inc.: Removing counterfeits online for CPG brands.

Metric: Providing software to help private market investors measure and manage their portfolio’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

Mineral Forecast: Supporting mining exploration teams that are struggling with their data to decide where to put their next drillhole and discover what is underneath.

My Dental Key: Advancing oral health via comprehensive, expert-verified dental ed tech.

Octopus AI: Exam kit for ear infections with built-in guidance technology allowing parents to conduct an ear exam from home with convenient sharing for telehealth.

PACare: Using a digital app to decrease post-operative complications for patients and reduce readmissions from these complications for hospitals.

Reach AI: Developing a low-cost microscope for screening infectious diseases.

Rimble: Creating and selling real-time analytics and odds for e-sports.

Second Sight: Creating devices that aid the visually impaired and blind by letting them hear what they cannot see.

Shypyard: Enabling e-commerce developers to easily connect their businesses with the broader ecosystem of e-commerce solutions.

SiriusGame: A gamified platform for your first Latin Quest, re-imagining how people learn about the ancient world.

Soft Builder: Providing a no code application platform that allows people to create enterprise-class business applications for different industries.

Stochastic: Democratizing AI acceleration to make the best machine learning accessible to all companies.

Stria Labs: Creating a technological ecosystem for blind individuals.

Synses Designs: Providing synthesized models perceptible by the sense of touch to improve access to STEM education for students with disabilities. Using advanced machine learning models for inventory optimization in retail, empowering retailers to significantly reduce excess inventory.

TechNotes: An open engineering encyclopedia focused on accelerating innovation.

Third Room: Predictive social network to connect K12 with industry professionals in biotech/life sciences.

Consumer Products and Services

AKKO: Providing comprehensive, affordable, and simple protection for the everyday items you rely on.

Altru Technologies, Inc.: A platform that curates a custom portfolio of nonprofits for your donation based on the causes and issues you care about in a local context.

AppBuddy: An online marketplace to find college application services from pre-screened students and educational consultants.

Aspen Apothecary: Creating moments of calm in a chaotic world through fragrance.

Burgers To Beasts: A digital deep-health clinic that delivers customized wellness solutions and insights from qualified preventative care experts.

CassVita Inc.: Creating delicious superfoods from cassava to satisfy the growing, but dissatisfied, healthy food market.

Chaku Foods: Creating healthier snacks while providing more income to our farming partners in Africa.

ChrysCard: A simplified payment platform that consolidates your payment cards and optimizes spending to maximize benefits at point of sale.

Clade Network: A phone app to make it easier for college students to help each other out, by making it easier to know who can help, and providing rewards.

Crystalline: A bottled chemistry experiment that magically transforms clear liquid into crystals with a tap.

Genso: Branding and selling Japanese traditional arts internationally through an online platform, localizing the way of marketing.

Hibiscus Monkey: Pioneering “soil-to-skin” beauty via 100% natural products and sustainable packaging that shatter stereotypes around beauty and menstrual needs in India.

HiHome: The first instant home matching tool, delivering the fastest and most personalized home search ever.

Mixed Millennial: Celebrating mixed identity, with a mission to connect and unite people through jewelry and conversation.

Nour: A skincare company that develops products specifically for dark skin tones, starting with a line of tinted mineral-based sunscreen.

NRI Nation Inc.: A news network catering to the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) population worldwide, covering the local and international NRI community.

NurtureNurture: A micro-investment based retail marketplace, pioneering safe investing by supplementing loss on investments with discounts on purchases.

Pathlight: Helping software engineering candidates land jobs faster.

SdreamStyle: A community-based marketplace where makers can create profiles with the skills offered, as well as cosplayers to post listings for costume needs.

Semitone: A platform for interactive music education and creation that removes the high-cost barrier preventing many from engaging with music.

Shelly Xu Design: The first design-tech startup to make beautiful, 100% zero waste clothing that costs 55% less to produce.

Spencer Jane: A young women’s professional pantsuit company.

Tangeble: Enabling buying and selling (only) portions of an investment real estate through a seamless mobile app, democratizing real estate investing.

The Career Games: The Friday Game (formerly the Career Games) offers a way for parents to have better conversations with their children.

Troav: A five-minute delivery platform that delivers anything in just five minutes and for half the cost of traditional delivery.

Wishful: An AI-powered recommendation engine that takes the legwork out of B2B referral marketing.

Health and Sciences

Aperçu : Detecting bacteria and biomarkers associated with urinary tract infections in patients with urinary catheters early on in their course.

Clingo: For parents who want their kids to build healthy habits, the Clingo app supports them with how-tos, telehealth, and guided daily supervision.

Conduct Science: A marketplace for revenue-based tech transfer of academic inventions.

Cupid Health: Building healthcare technology solutions to improve human health.

FIND Surgical Sciences: A software-based platform that integrates, analyzes, and visualizes multimodal neuroimaging data using mixed reality to improve surgical outcomes.

Genbiotics: Using the respiratory microbiome to create better therapeutics for more than a billion people living with respiratory disease.

Hive Health: A B2B2C health insurer providing affordable, quality healthcare to Filipino employees through a data science-powered digital platform.

Karivez Bio: Developing a platform to enable oral delivery and amplified distribution of therapeutic peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotides.

Kinnos: Creating Highlight technology to enhance pathogen decontamination by colorizing disinfectants blue for visibility, and fading to show full decontamination.

Limax Biosciences: A strong and flexible hydrogel adhesive platform, based on bioinspired materials, to seal wounds and promote healing throughout the body.

Mobile Memory: Harnessing the power of AI/ML to detect vocal biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease.

Momme: Creating wearable technology to accelerate recovery and reduce pain after vaginal childbirth.

NeuroAnalysis : Developing low-cost, mobile apps for rapid, preventative screening of neurodegenerative diseases: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis.

NeutroCheck Ltd: Developing a medical device to rapidly identify chemotherapy patients at risk of a life-threatening condition called neutropenic sepsis.

PionEar Technologies: A medical device company revolutionizing the biomaterial design of conduit-like implants for drainage and drug delivery.

Promakhos Therapeutics: Developing therapies for inflammatory diseases. Promakhos’ lead indication is Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting the digestive tract.

riinx: An end-to-end digital platform that vertically integrates the patient and provider experience making it safer, simpler, and more affordable.

Sylphi Inc.: Developing a patent-pending pill bottle technology and mobile app to create a safer and smarter treatment experience for patients.

Trtyo: Developing vaccines for chronic inflammatory conditions by understanding the immune system’s unique perspective on disease.

Visionairy Health (VH): Developing automated x-ray screening solutions to reduce radiologists’ workload and increase their efficiency.

WTL Health Clinic, Inc: A free health clinic providing general primary care to underserved residents of Pawtucket and Central Falls in Rhode Island.

ZircoPlant: Developing innovative technologies enabling clinicians to predictably perform autogenous therapies for dental tissue regeneration.

Social Impact, Education, or Cultural Enterprise

Afya Pamoja: A digital patient feedback service to provide performance management data for public healthcare managers in Tanzania to improve service quality.

Almond Finance: Achieving borderless financial inclusion and extending economic opportunity by making interoperability across financial service providers possible.

American Innovation Collaborative: Creating a workforce development strategy for the next generation of American innovators.

Aul.Inspired: An online education toolkit using peer-learning technologies to teach computational literacy and social-emotional skills to children in rural Kazakhstan.

Barefoot Edu Foundation: An incubator for progressive principals of low-fee schools in India, bringing an organizational perspective to school leadership.

BlockCarbon: Utilizing blockchain technology to solve the transparency issue of China’s carbon emission market and increase its liquidity.

Blossom: An app to connect neurodiverse families in the neighborhood.

CaribEd: Restoring hope to students left behind amidst a crisis by creating and distributing engaging learning materials.

Change The Tune: Driving New Access: Dismantling inequitable systems by co-creating transformational learning experiences for a variety of audiences.

Colombia Tierra de Luz: Showing Colombian children the richness of our country through children’s books and other didactic content.

COVID-19 Taskforce on Domestic Violence (TFDV): Investigating, educating, and advocating on behalf of domestic violence survivors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear Loneliness: A crowdsourced art exhibit, research study, and COVID-19 archival effort collecting thousands of letters on loneliness from around the world.

DemRep, LLC: A tool that informs Americans of congressional action in a clear, concise, and unbiased manner.

Eco Young: Providing the most eco-friendly K12 arts education: teachers and learners enjoy solving urgent environmental problems like they enjoy creating art.

Erevna: Providing students with online intercollegiate initiatives to conduct research, connect with experts, and create change in public policy.

Flame Bearers: The Women Athletes Carrying Tokyo’s Torch: A professionally-researched and produced podcast championing the women Olympians and Paralympians seeking to compete in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

GenUnity: A civic ‘gym,’ GenUnity provides structured, immersive, part-time civic experiences to support adults to accelerate grassroots change in communities.

Girls Code Chess: Inspiring and teaching girls the game of chess, CS, and AI through play, workshops, and multi-week programs.

Heirloom: Moving oral history into the digital age by providing our users with the resources to create a digital legacy of a loved one.

Hope Storytelling Project: Addressing feelings of collective grief and isolation and helping navigate through sudden loss and bereavement through poetry workshops and engagement.

Innovate for Africa: Training and inspiring the next generation of African entrepreneurs.

International Orchestra of Refugees: Connecting talented refugee musicians with opportunities to preserve their cultural heritage, find economic prosperity, and boost social integration.

Jamii Life: Connecting vetted health workers with people that can’t care for themselves and families that need help.

KadaKareer: A one-stop-platform for low-income Filipino students on all things related to career exploration, navigation, and preparation.

LABHYA FOUNDATION: Enabling state governments to create and implement Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs for vulnerable children in India, at scale.

LazyGenius: A banking platform with community, common purpose, and mindfulness at its heart, powered by AI and behavioral science.

Leaders Dream Big: Aiming to broaden the horizons and maximize the potential of underserved students through annual cost-free Washington, D.C. trips.

Leading A(head) Collaborative: Co-creating with community to dismantle systemic, intergenerational trauma to support the whole child and create generational change.

LOUDwomen: Providing resources and programs that promote educational equity and access for K12th grade young women in rural communities.

Love1: An anti-gun violence clothing line that uses a portion of its proceeds to benefit communities that are negatively impacted by gun violence.

Lucidity Health: Using smartphone-based AI to interpret medical imaging and support rule-outs in low-resource settings. It’s a second opinion in your pocket.

MassCultivatED: Socially equitable jails-to-jobs program for the MA cannabis industry, which provides access to legal services, education, and workforce development.

Myanmar Legal Representation Project: Connecting a network of pro bono attorneys to those with evidence of human rights atrocities in Myanmar to support international accountability efforts.

Nearsighted Globe: Providing rural hard-to-reach communities in low-and-middle income countries access to myopia diagnosis and prescription glasses.

New Voters: Working towards 100% U.S. high school voter registration and civic engagement via our college mentorship program and state specific summits and resources.

Odessa Health: Creating the digital infrastructure to bridge the gap between schools and communities to promote health for students and families.

ORIENTAMI: A digital career coaching program helping high school students craft a better future.

Our Golden Hour: Developing 21st Century skills for students through immersive VR storyboarding while improving academic outcome.

Patient First.AI: A digital healthcare briefcase for all the patient’s healthcare needs.

Planet Bee: Halting poverty-driven deforestation in the Amazon by making indigenous beekeeping a sizable source of income with our co-reimagined beehives design.

Purpose Pipeline: A career exposure platform that will inspire students of color to pursue careers in the technology and innovation economy.

Relevo: Helping teenagers from a low-income rural area in Caracas pursue professional careers.

ReThink, Inc.: A patented, innovative app that detects offensive digital content and gives users a chance to reconsider (“ReThink”) posting it.

SELFENG: A self-learning mobile app based on AI/ML enabling students to improve their English by developing reading comprehension skills.

Shamiri Institute: A data-driven organization that develops and implements low cost and low stigma mental health interventions to help young people in Africa.

Spotlight Perú: A performing arts company, Spotlight provides English language acquisition and leadership development to youth in Latin America through performing arts training.

Students vs Pandemics: Mobilizing, developing, and empowering a new generation of leaders from across disciplines to address the public health issues of today and tomorrow.

Suadela: Increasing girls’ power by building their negotiation skills.

The Concordium: A web-based video conferencing platform that serves as an e-support network for socially isolated seniors to connect with youth.

The Dive: Bringing experts from Harvard and other leading institutions to break down news topics in a conversational “sitting at the dinner table” manner.

The FIX: Empowering residency applicants with information about a hospital’s gender equity culture, thereby holding programs accountable through transparency.

Thrive! : Helping local governments break cycles of poverty in communities of color and break the systems that create them.

Voyaj: Connecting people from around the globe for one-on-one meaningful exchanges to foster global understanding and peace.

Wave Learning Festival: Combatting long-standing educational inequity by providing free, live educational resources and a global community of mentorship and opportunity.

Wellfree: Improving cohesion through a suite of tools and training programs.

Your Space: An NGO committed to work for the elderly for their physical, social, and emotional Wellbeing to empower and prepare them for an enriching post-retirement life.

Youth Justice Alliance: Running high school legal aid clinics where an attorney and predominantly minority students provide free legal services to lower-income communities.

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