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Introducing the 176 Teams in the Harvard Innovation Labs Fall Venture Incubation Program

Venture Incubation Program Orientation Photoshoot (Credit: Mark James)

Now that the 2019–2020 academic year is in full swing across all 13 Harvard schools, we’re thrilled to announce the student-founded ventures that will participate in the Harvard Innovation Labs 2019 Fall Venture Incubation Program.

Before introducing the teams, we wanted to note a change in how we will support innovators and entrepreneurs this fall.

The Harvard Innovation Labs’ primary purpose has always been to provide experiential education. We exist to help students, faculty, and select alumni explore innovation and entrepreneurship across industries and stages. We measure our success based on how many people from the Harvard community come to the Harvard Innovation Labs to pursue the development of an idea or business—not by ventures’ commercial successes. With this in mind, we spent the summer putting in place additional resources to significantly expand access to our Venture Incubation Program starting this fall.

In past years, the Venture Incubation Program has been for students who have already begun the process of turning their ideas into ventures. For students at earlier stages of their innovation and entrepreneurial journeys—such as those who were just starting to explore creating a product or service to solve a particular challenge—we launched our Connect program in 2018, along with a wide range of programming that was available to all current Harvard students.

After running Connect and Venture Incubation Program as separate programs for one year, we felt the distinction between programs was unnecessary. Creating a single Venture Incubation Program will help us be more effective in providing stage-appropriate resources and mentoring to all students who want to turn their ideas into products and services, and build businesses around those products and services.

The 176 teams who are part of the Fall Venture Incubation Program are working to solve problems across industries: 20% are focused on social impact, cultural entrepreneurship or education; 30% on consumer products or services; 20% on health and sciences; and 30% on B2B/tech. The startup founders come from all 13 Harvard schools—very much in keeping with our focus on fostering collaboration and connection across the entire Harvard community.

Social Impact

Acrobatics Circus Troupe
We use acrobatics as a foundation to fight poverty, support education and empower youth in the largest slum in Kampala, Uganda.

This venture will introduce dialogue-based learning model to Japanese schools and businesses

BeenThere provides online 1-on-1 peer support to improve mental wellness and personal development of the Chinese youth.

Boost Finance
Boost Finance is a financial data platform that empowers employers to expand smart cash transfers, the worker benefit for a better future of work.

Boston Social Skills
Boston Social Skills is a social organization that equips college students with the skills needed to meet new people and build relationships.

Build Opportunity Lead Discovery
B.O.L.D is a community of youth teachers, serving underprivileged students in NYC homeless shelters and fighting educational inequity.

Checked In
Checked In is an iOS application that helps users identify their emotions over time and share their updates with close friends.

Coding it Forward
Coding it Forward is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit breaking down barriers into social impact technology, including with its flagship Civic Digital Fellowship.

Culture Code
We align culturally responsive lesson plans to learning standards & provide short animated educational video clips for K-12 major contents of study.

Debate Spaces
We are a non-profit that teaches debate, fosters activism, and facilitates friendships among middle school students from disparate backgrounds.

Diverso is a student-run film fund. We aim to eliminate the socio-economic risks for young diverse filmmakers through fellowships and grants.

Ember is an e-commerce platform where service orgs can list their needs and donors in the community can allocate their resources to optimize impact.

We are strengthening democracy by creating a civic leadership experience that empowers everyday people to impact systemic change in their communities.

GOViral develops digital healthcare infrastructures to break the cycle of hepatitis B transmission in the Philippines.

One-stop career awareness and access solution for school and college students.

Ignite Mental Health
Ignite Mental Health is mobilizing, supporting and uniting mental health entrepreneurs & Changemakers to achieve 3 Utopian Mental Health Goals

International Orchestra of Refugees
Empowering displaced musicians to become musical ambassadors of peace, through orchestral opportunities and collaborative community

Mentoly is platform, where you can book a live session with a mentor or an expert on any topic.

Microsprout helps parents and students access community resources to save for college and take on less debt.

Mismatch is a web-based video platform to connect students “across distance and divides” to enable mutual understanding in a time of polarization.

Mobius USA
Using the English language to change the world.

nooLoop is an online warehouse that inventories construction material, tool, and machinery for transactions, aiming to minimize waste in the building.

OnBoard prepares school boards to govern for equity.

Organize For Something
OFS aims to create a more inclusive system of democratic participation through training politically underrepresented communities as organizers.

Parterre Tea
Parterre Tea is an organic tea brand that seeks to support non-profits dedicated to increasing tree cover in low-income urban areas across the U.S.

Plan A
An app that links first-generation high school students in India, based on interests, with college/university students for career mentoring.

Puerto Rico Health Association
A resource for patients to make informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider by viewing experience, certifications, process, and wait times.

Safety app and hardware device to quickly share location, alarm for help, and promote reliable, digitized safety as an accessible feature for all.

We make you love your city by partnering with the best organizers to curate social relationships and experiences inspired by local leaders.

Providing student loan solutions tailored to the Sub-Saharan African market. SoFi for emerging markets.

Teacher Impact Collaborative
We ensure students have teachers who are positive representations of themselves and that every classroom is high achieving, equitable, and responsive.

Teaching Artists International
Teaching Artists International connects musicians, music educators, & composers to international music programs that focus on youth & social change.

An application that makes higher-ed classrooms more inclusive & effective by providing faculty with data-driven insights on classroom participation.

For social entrepreneurs globally who are willing to support one another, Tendrel facilitates networks of peer to peer groups and curates resources.

The Land Regeneration Fund
A land acquisition fund for at-risk, abandoned agricultural plots that partners with responsible growers for their future stewardship.

Trill Project
Trill Project is an anonymous social networking application where individuals can freely and safely express themselves in a supportive community.

Health and Life Sciences

Abraze Engineering
We create commodity and specialty metals using a sustainable process.

ADITUM is a medical e-learning platform. It provides health experts with an easy and simple way to create and share interactive medical cases.

AESOP Technology
AESOP Technology aims to create a “smarter” prescription error detection system through machine-learning technology to enhance patient safety.

AMRx creates innovative solutions targeting antimicrobial resistance.

CareZooming is a web-based learning platform + expert network providing clinicians with technical expertise for their next healthcare delivery project.

Chest binders and sports bras cause health issues when worn too long; we measure compression in smart fabric to adjust the force across the breasts.

CommonHealth is a social media platform that focuses on using social support to promote wellness, access, education, and connection. manufactures, sells, & distributes outcomes tools including mazes, digital health apps, virtual reality experiments & more.

Dia Health
Dia Health is building an automated chatbot to educate parents on what is normal for their newborn using clinically-validated, tailored information.

Easy Shoulder
We are making a smartphone app to help you to understand your painful shoulder condition, and lead you to more effective rehabilitation.

Frictionless access to mental health services and depression medication management, including delivery, via direct to consumer telemedicine platform.

Evera Labs
We allow you to invest in your future health by cryopreserving your healthiest cells for future therapeutic use through a simple urine sample.

Virtual brain surgical planning and training using a multi-modal neuroimaging platform ( and an interactive augmented reality application.

Fitbetes is the personal medical assistant i.e. the brain of T1 Diabetics. Fitbetes processes all the data to help diabetics have a better treatment.

GC Therapeutics
GCTx is a synbio platform to program patient cells into any cell type 100X faster and 10X more efficiently than standard protocols for cell therapy.

Gevity is dedicated to creating products that help achieve the longevity of our bodies, starting with low-cost custom orthotics.

g.Root Biomedical Services
AI and clinical genetic expertise based genetic interpretation engine for next-generation precision medicine.

Hikma Health
Hikma is a health data platform that integrates predictive models and decision support tools into an accessible system for refugees and their doctors.

We help hospitals reduce adverse health events by remotely monitoring patients on ventilation using multi modal machine learning.

Our Highlight technology enhances pathogen decontamination by colorizing disinfectants blue for visibility and fading to show full decontamination.

Knot allows doctors to better care for patients by creating an education focused digital case log and automating administrative requirements.

Limax Biosciences
Strong, stretchy, and flexible hydrogel adhesive platform, based on bio-inspired materials, to seal wounds and promote healing throughout the body.

Manifold Bio
We engineer proteins for therapeutics and diagnostics through novel experiment platforms leveraging DNA sequencing, synthesis, and machine learning.

Metalmark Innovations
Metalmark develops novel materials for the catalytic decomposition of air pollutants in order to make clean air globally accessible and affordable.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Technology
We are developing spinal devices and software to treat adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with a minimally invasive approach.

Nearsighted Globe
A novel, affordable and sustainable approach for diagnosis and distribution of glasses for visually impaired in less privileged area.

Nomad Life Digital
Solutions for Digital Nomads—cross-border platform for traveling experts to manage their health, finance & legal data and documentation on-the-go.

PionEar Technologies
PionEar Technologies is revolutionizing the treatment of ear infections with novel ear tube implants with unique drug transport capabilities.

Schneider Economics
Like IQ and EQ before it, Schneider Economics will bring to market the Health Quotient or HQ, a single metric to encapsulate an individual’s health.

Sereni is a well-being platform that provides online therapy and nutrition sessions with vetted professionals, helping working professionals in Latin.

Strudel Labs
Strudel provides personalized, daily meditation exercise tools for stress management.

Rapid, low-cost drug discovery with network science and AI. We uncover new therapeutics, with a focus on heart disease.

The app helps disabled people who live independently connect with caregivers for a set amount of time or per task basis.

Verivas Solutions
We have developed a medical device that can greatly simplify the procedure of harvesting veins needed for coronary artery bypass grafting.

Visionairy Health
VH develops an automated screening solution for chest radiographs to reduce radiologists’ workload and increase their efficiency.

An over-the-counter, comprehensive, affordable STD test that promotes sexual health conversations between peers and partners.


acelab is an ecosystem of productive tools that enable smarter workflows and efficient interactions in the ACE industry.

Aliro Technologies
Aliro is creating a cloud-based software solution that will make quantum computers more accessible and useful for a host of industries.

AllSpice is a software tool that lets hardware engineers automate their development and collaborate on designs.

A drag-and-drop data science platform for creating, visualizing, and training machine learning models.

BikePath is a multi-agent simulation platform that helps city planners maximize bike-sharing usage and bike availability.

Breen Technologies
Smart, reliable security for new and legacy IoT devices connected to critical infrastructure so you get the productivity from IoT, not the vulnerability.

It’s an online platform where coaches/athletes who want to travel abroad, get matched with clubs that host them for free in exchange for free coaching.

Corelant Technologies
We provide automated real estate market analysis to provide our users with growth prediction modeling to maximize returns for our clients.

We provide cold therapy to surgical wounds for analgesic effects to decrease the need for opioids.

We enable analysis and products to be built on sensitive and siloed data, without the need to aggregate it, move it, or expose it.

A decentralised data exchange platform enabling individuals to upload, value and sell data and customers to purchase linked and standardised datasets.

Dealmaker List
A social network that helps commercial multifamily apartment investors find more deals, raise money faster, and stay educated built by

DreamworldVR is combating loneliness and developing emotional and social intelligence for isolated pediatric patients with immersive VR technology.

Echelon VR
A meditation application software that uses VR/AR, Neurofeedback and brain training technology.

Forgeant is the quickest and most efficient way to track employee engagement.

Good at Names
When someone you’ve met before is in your physical vicinity, our app will remind you of their basic info + where/when/how you first met.

GRYPS is an AI powered platform that extracts information from construction documents to unlock its value for construction owners and operators.

H2Ok Innovations
H2Ok Innovations uses AI and data analytics to empower communities with the knowledge for sustainable access to clean water.

Platform helping growth technology companies find affordable quality data scientists from STEM MS and PhD programs for short-term contract projects.

humanID is a nonprofit online identity, an alternative to Facebook Login, that protects user’s privacy while blocking bots & trolls from platforms.

Immunity Health
Immunity is an analytics company accelerating clinical trials by using medical data to improve patient recruitment and operations.

Insight Clubs
“WeWork” studios for personal trainers with app hosting CRM, genetic/biomarker-driven programming & AI integration ensuring trainer & client success.

Kard uses an NFC-enabled business card and app to make connecting with others and networking easier.

Loro is a socially assistive robot that gives people with mobility challenges the ability to control, communicate, and connect with and the world.

Marlo finds and fixes unproductive meetings at companies.

MARQ protects online retailers from false return claims by effortlessly recording the packing process and sending timestamped videos to each customer.

me medical solutions
Our goal is to provide automated tools to medical professionals to simplify and better manage the pre-authorization and billing process.

Mustard Venture Studio
We dress companies for their next value event by inserting a temporary management team that executes on a multi-faceted valuation driven plan.

NeuronSpike Technologies Limited
We are building brain-inspired microprocessors by mirroring neurons and synapses in the chip’s architecture.

We are a B2B online marketplace for fabric and finished garments discovery.

OneSight is a pair of glasses for the 21st century featuring lenses with variable focal length and frames that are more technologically responsive.

OnRamp is an in-app project management tool specifically designed to help B2B SaaS companies provide world-class onboarding to new customers.

Auto insurance for new immigrants with foreign licenses.

Overjet’s software analyzes dental clinical data to improve patient care and practice profitability.

PeerChat helps students work through hard times by creating a visual, interactive map of their thoughts, feelings, values, & beliefs as they speak.

PlanItFun helps customers plan their events based on their preferences such as budget, location and desired atmosphere (i.e. romantic date night).

We reduce information and logistical barriers to enable venture capital (VC) investors to meet promising startups, no matter the location.

Reason Calendar
Fast, beautiful calendar app (web, for now) that focuses on protecting your free time, guiding you through your day, and eliminating complexity.

We bring scalable AI solutions in mobility, air pollution, water and energy consumption to an untapped market segment: mid & low-tech cities in LatAm.

SEA investing
An AI-powered company evaluation tool which automates due diligence approaches and utilizes public data to maximize the return of equity investors.

We find patterns in your daily business operations, small or big, and find ways you can save by using that data to optimize your inventory ordering.

Shelly Xu Design
Shelly Xu Design is the first zero waste fashion startup. It offers original zero waste clothing designs scaled through proprietary automation tech.

Stowe connects people who need space with people who have space.

An app that lets you make customizable bots for your stock and crypto account.

Switchspace is an online graduate housing market, where students can exchange housing with minimal lease-transfer costs and no brokers fee.

Terascale manufactures the cheapest and most efficient solar panels to provide renewable energy at the terawatt scale.

The White Widow Co.
Given the rise of cannabis and the memory of vintage cigarette culture (think Mad Men), we design today’s smoking accessories inspired by the past.

True Footage
Real estate company using video, computer vision, and machine learning to provide consumer reports for every real estate transaction.

Verdie provides environmentally responsible waste management for businesses.

At VRsatility, we provide teachers with an immersive virtual space to practice their interpersonal and pedagogical skills prior to initial engagement.

We help cities to transform their data into data-driven policy actions and showcase the potential of leading-edge technologies for public policy.

The New Bulk Material Marketplace


Ace is a branding agency that provides models, social media content, Photoshop editing, and influencer marketing for brands with consumer products.

AlmaPact offers a new way to pay for school where a student receives their required funding and in return guarantees a percentage of their income.

To mitigate the menace of plastic pollution we have developed AquaPlastic that is water-processable, biodegradable, robust, coatable and scalable.

ArchSlate is a portfolio housing, talent bidding and an opensource drawing sharing platform for Architects.

Seamless solution for accelerated hiring processes, procedures, benefits for part time, temporary, and contracted workers in corporate America.

At Your Service
At Your Service is a personalized online delivery & pickup platform offering services like grocery, alcohol, laundry & general pickup & drop-off.

auggi is digital gut health assistant that combines software and services to make managing chronic gut symptoms a frictionless experience.

Beli is an app that takes a new approach to restaurant recommendation, discovery, and tracking using comparison-based ratings in place of 5-stars.

Connecting people with different perspectives.

CareerEscalatorcom provides micro certifications for a wide range of job functions and then matches certified candidates with job opportunities.

ChicDrop connects fashion artists and apparel brands to create a fun, no-stress, and personalized shopping experience for female shoppers on a budget.

CloudStore is a new retail distribution platform that connects brands who have product with stores that have space.

Club Cana
Club Cana is a soccer lifestyle brand and club, emphasizing environmental and social responsibility.

Creabri (“cree-ah-bree”) is an idea-based crowdfunding platform designed to incentivize creative solutions and venture-worthy ideas.

DozeOn is a Smart Watch app that detects driver drowsiness and then taps the drowsy driver before they fall asleep behind the wheel.

en tout cas
We want to build an on-demand service for consumers where they send in their favorite old piece of clothing and our seamstress network recreates them.

A social media platform that turns fanatic consumer bases into external consultants for a company’s product and marketing strategy.

First Cabin
Inspired by traditional Japanese hospitality and modern capsule hotels, First Cabin offers a tech-enabled, sophisticated, and affordable stay.

Fractal makes mass-market cloud computers.

Helen Health
Helen Health connects people with the best oncology resources in the world.

Hibiscus Monkey
A millennial self-care brand for Indian women’s body & menstrual needs, with a vision to generate sustainable livelihood at the bottom-of-the-pyramid.

Honeybird creates products to support stress relief and better sleep. Our first product is a weighted blanket designed to be ~10% of your body weight.

We are a content curation service built over messaging, using emoji as a method of search and discovery.

Leela Khan
Etsy meets Aliexpress with a South Asian twist.

LeverEdge Association
LeverEdge uses group buying power to negotiate lower student loan rates.

Livewell Interactive
A personalized digital life coach in your pocket that delivers fun bite-sized nudges each day, and sustained behavioral changes overtime.

Lyons Hathaway
Lyons Hathaway delivers strategic agile management consulting services focused on harnessing value, maximize innovation and augment business results.

A platform that allows people, particularly immigrants to cook/sell traditional food from their country of origin that is easily found in restaurants.

Mudango is an on-demand solution for moving your stuff. We are addressing the 5 bn market of moving services in Latin America.

Naya Studio
We are designing a digital platform for creating personalized furniture. We take your idea from a sketch to a real product delivered to your door.

Nics Kitchen
Clean ingredient packaged food business with offerings that are free of gluten, nuts, soy, dairy and tapioca.

View a live tab, pay without waiting for a check, and share your experience. All from your mobile device at restaurants, bars & clubs.

Nom Pot
Nom Pot delivers frozen, fully-prepped meal kits that are a breeze to cook in one pot for a convenient, healthy, and satisfying home-cooked meal.

Oak Systems
Oak Systems is a platform driven by AI technology that creates personalized hair regimens made up of black-owned products that are delivered monthly.

Pepper Pot Tea Company
Subscription service delivering (1) consciously sourced premium whole leaf teas in bio-degradable sachets and (2) DIY customized unique tea blends.

Help tourism sites (museums, landmarks) in the West take advantage of increasing Chinese tourism to the US by providing Chinese-language services.

We provide a one-stop & on-demand online English editing service to Chinese customers from admission essays to job cover letters, resumes, & papers.

ReThink is a patented app that detects online hate and gives users a second chance to reconsider the decision to post or send offensive messages.

Reveri Health
A personalized self-hypnosis program to stop smoking delivered via Amazon Alexa & based on the research of Stanford psychiatrist David Spiegel, MD.

Roost Coffee Company
Roost Coffee Company is passionate about building beautiful brewing devices that make the perfect cup of coffee. Every. Single. Time.

reimagining packaging and manufacturing of hygiene products (toothpaste, deodorant, floss, face wash, etc.) to be better for the home planet.

Electric scooter sharing system with docks for Harvard.

The Key
We connect high level students and sought-after companies, simplifying the recruiting process for internships and entry-level positions.

Third Space
Third Space delivers re-energizing spaces for professionals between work and home that support relaxation, spark creativity, and strengthen community.

Mobile platform that (1) enables friends + family to send a celebratory drink via their mobile devices and (2) enables bars to find + engage customers

Trippi is a travel planning platform for creating and collaborating on itineraries that offers suggestions for customized experiences and activities.

We’re creating a platform to help you grow your human capital for the new economy.

Village is reinventing daycare and catalyzing women’s advancement by building community spaces that centralize all aspects of child and family care.

An app to find people to do stuff with!

Y and M ramen
Fast casual ramen(Japanese soup noodle) chain in the US aiming to scale 1,000 shops in 7~10 years with central kitchen operation and franchise system.

My start up is ‘Location Based Collaborative Commerce’ where people living at same geo location are grouped together for collaboration and trade.

We are a peer marketplace for college students to request and complete different services for each other on campus such as food delivery and shopping.

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