10 for 10: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation, April Edition
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10 for 10: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation, April Edition

10 Year Anniversary 10for10 April Edition

The Harvard Innovation Labs is committed to cultivating the next generation of climate entrepreneurs. In celebration of Earth Month, April's 10 for 10 list highlights a few of the extraordinary ventures uncovering new, unexpected ways to take on climate change.

From creating financing solutions to facilitate the adoption of cleantech solutions amongst retailers in India, to developing software that helps architects focus on decarbonization, the ventures highlighted below are focused on accelerating climate innovation in a wide variety of areas. In addition to these 10 ventures, be sure to check out the 28 startups recently announced as part of the Harvard Climate Entrepreneurs Circle, an incubation program for high-potential ventures working to address climate change.

  • Cardinal LCA for designing an easy-to-use tool that reduces emissions by highlighting the most effective decisions architects can make at each stage of building design and construction.
  • Current Electric for manufacturing and providing smart, fast charging products to build out an open EV charging network supporting the transportation of tomorrow.
  • Earth Warriors for providing a comprehensive climate education school curriculum for three- to 11-year-olds using a positive and empowering approach.
  • Julius for solving the talent needs of the cleantech transition by providing inclusive opportunities to start and grow green careers.
  • Metric for helping private market investors measure their portfolio’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance through its data analytics software.
  • Metafin for being India’s first licensed non-banking financial company (NBFC) focused on solving the upfront capital problem for retail customers who want to install cleantech solutions.
  • MyGug for enabling individuals and businesses to generate renewable energy and reduce waste through a micro-scale anaerobic digestor.
  • Nilus for creating artificial glaciers and technologies to maximize the storage of water resources to be used in times of high temperatures.
  • Shamsina for designing, manufacturing, and delivering affordable, locally-made solar water heaters for all Egyptians, from energy poor communities to energy-conscious consumers.
  • Siklus Refill for providing Indonesians a more affordable alternative to household goods sold in plastic packaging by delivering refills of everyday products to the door, eliminating plastic waste at the source.