10 for 10: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation, August Edition
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10 for 10: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation, August Edition

10 Year Anniversary 10 for 10 August Edition

In the fall of 2021, the Harvard Innovation Labs kicked off its tenth anniversary celebration with its “10 for 10” campaign—a yearlong series of monthly features highlighting 10 extraordinary innovations that have come out of the Harvard Innovation Labs since 2011.

This month’s installment features innovations in how data is stored, transferred, and secured, as well as new applications of data that have transformed industries. August’s 10 for 10 are:

  • Catalog for developing the world’s first DNA-based platform for massive digital data storage and computation. The company raised its $35 million Series B in 2021.
  • Hedron for building the in-orbit communication infrastructure that will enable real time knowledge of what is happening on the surface of our planet. The company recently raised $17.8 million in Series A funding, and also was awarded a $26.4 million contract from the U.S. Space Force.
  • HumanID for creating an anonymous, bot-resistant authentication for safer online communities. The company won Mozilla Builders’ Open Award.
  • Julia Computing for creating the fastest and most productive programming language for data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and modeling and simulation. The Julia programming language has been downloaded more than 35 million times, and is taught at over 1,500 universities.
  • Lightmatter for building a photonic supercomputer that is faster, more efficient, and cooler than anything else on earth. The company has raised $113 million in funding.
  • Mark43 for providing public safety software to over 120 agencies that supports the entire public safety ecosystem. The company has raised more than $200 million in funding.
  • Pymetrics for using data-driven behavioral insights and AI to create more efficient, effective, and fair hiring processes. Pymetrics was named one of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas in 2021, and one of Forbes AI 50 in 2019. The company was acquired by Harver in 2022.
  • TetraScience for accelerating and improving scientific outcomes with its 24/7 monitoring for lab instruments and equipment. The company announced 300% annual recurring revenue growth in 2021.
  • TrueMotion for its smartphone driving data platform. The company was acquired in 2021 by Cambridge Mobile Telematics.
  • Wise Systems for providing fleet management software for last-mile delivery and route optimization. The company recently raised $50 million in funding, and has announced partnerships with Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. (MFTBC), a division of Daimler Trucks Asia.