10 for 10: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation, June Edition
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10 for 10: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation, June Edition

10th Anniversary 10 for 10 June Edition

In the fall of 2021, the Harvard Innovation Labs kicked off its tenth anniversary celebration with its “10 for 10” campaign—a yearlong series of monthly features highlighting 10 extraordinary innovations that have come out of the Harvard Innovation Labs since 2011. This month’s installment includes ventures that are using AI to power solutions to a variety of challenges, from removing biases in hiring practices to reducing the costs of sending money across the U.S. and Africa.

June’s 10 for 10 ventures are:

  • BrainCo for creating BrainRobotics, an AI-powered prosthetic hand that allows the user to make unlimited gestures and grips. BrainRobotics was named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2019.
  • Carbon Re for using artificial intelligence to decarbonize energy-intensive industries, such as cement and steel. Carbon Re’s clients in the cement industry have substantially reduced fuel costs and CO2 emissions in a matter of weeks.
  • CashEx for leveraging AI to help migrants transfer money with zero fees. The company was a $25,000 winner in the 2022 Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge.
  • Evisort for building a contract intelligence platform for legal, procurement, and sales operations teams. The company announced $100 million in additional funding in 2022, and customers include Bank of New York Mellon, Jelly Belly, Keller Williams, Microsoft, Motley Fool, NetApp, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, and Vonage.
  • Olaris for using metabolomics and machine learning to revolutionize how diseases are diagnosed and treated. Olaris Founder and CEO Elizabeth O’Day was named one of the Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40.
  • Overjet for using AI to analyze dental clinical data and help payers and providers improve patient care and profitability. Overjet CEO Dr. Wardah Inam was named one of Incisal Edge’s Most Influential People in Dentistry, and the company recently raised $42.5 million in funding.
  • Proton.ai for delivering a platform to B2B distributors to improve sales efficiency and grow revenue. The company recently raised $20 million in funding.
  • Pymetrics for using neuroscience and AI to predict the right person for a job, while removing bias from the hiring process. The company was named one of the Forbes AI 50, and one of the top recruitment software tools by HR Technologist.
  • TetraScience for developing the leading R&D data cloud for life sciences. The platform covers the full life cycle of data acquisition, harmonization, AI/ML/enrichment, and collaboration.
  • Zoba for creating a platform that powers dynamic vehicle positioning, routing, and pricing for the world’s top mobility operators across 150 cities globally.