10 for 10: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation, January Edition
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10 for 10: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation, January Edition

10th Anniversary 10 for 10 January Edition

The New Year brings with it a fresh start. An opportunity to imagine what is possible. A time to set audacious goals for the coming year, and beyond.

As inspiration for the start of 2022, this month’s 10 for 10 list features transformative ventures across industries — from greeting cards to first responder communications. While every innovation is different, they all have one common thread: breaking the boundaries of what people thought was possible in their respective fields.

  • Alfred for developing a widely-used resident management software application used in 44 cities and supporting over 130,000 residents.
  • Akouos for developing gene therapies with the potential to restore, improve, and preserve high-acuity physiologic hearing for people worldwide who live with disabling hearing loss. The company held a successful IPO in 2020.
  • AllHere for bringing access and opportunity to the classroom and beyond through its AI-powered attendance tracking system. AllHere Founder Joanna Smith was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2021.
  • Buoy Health for launching a free symptom checker for COVID-19, which is designed to help people understand whether they should seek care for the virus.
  • Chirps Chips for making chips from 100% pure cricket powder, made from roasted and milled crickets. Chirps Chips founders were named to the Forbes 30 Under 30, and featured on Shark Tank.
  • Docosan for launching a doctor booking platform that provides effortless access to quality care in Vietnam.
  • DoneGood for its one-stop-shop for ethical and sustainable goods. The company has invented Better Days, “the sustainable alternative to Amazon Prime Day.”
  • Lovepop for developing and manufacturing extraordinary pop-up greeting cards. Lovepop has created thousands of unique designs, was featured on Shark Tank, and is well on its way toward its mission of creating one billion magical moments.
  • RapidSOS for helping people reach 9-1-1 and first responders faster. RapidSOS is sharing life-saving data from more than 350 million connected devices with first responders to save lives.

RightHand Robotics for developing piece picking solutions for predictable order fulfillment. The company raised an additional $19 million in funding in 2021.