Announcing the Harvard Student Ventures Selected for the Summer…
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Announcing the Harvard Student Ventures Selected for the Summer Venture Incubation Program

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Summer is a time when many Harvard students travel, pursue internships, and get some much needed rest and relaxation after a busy year.

But nearly 200 Harvard students have decided to take a path less traveled. They will spend June, July, and August focused on moving their innovative ideas and ventures forward as part of the Harvard Innovation Labs Summer Venture Incubation Program (VIP).

Summer is one of the busiest, and most exciting times at the Harvard Innovation Labs. While our Fall and Spring programs are structured in a way that allows students to prioritize coursework, every team in the Summer VIP cohort commits to spending their days creating products and services that have the potential to change the world.

The 80 teams selected to join the Summer VIP represent a broad diversity of industries: 22.5% are focused on social impact, cultural entrepreneurship or education; 22.5% on consumer products or services; 29% on health and sciences; and 26% on B2B/tech. The startup founders come from all 13 Harvard schools—an excellent expression of the One Harvard vision to foster collaboration amongst the entire Harvard community.


  • Aliro Technologies - Aliro provides the tools necessary to make current noisy quantum devices accessible and enable quantum devices to solve valuable problems.
  • AirCrew - AirCrew is developing novel materials for catalytic decomposition of air pollutants in order to make clean air accessible and affordable globally.
  • ClearView - ClearView is re-inventing assistive technology for visually-impaired students.
  • DeepRE - DeepRE is an AI service that provides commercial real estate professionals with real-time market pricing insights and asset growth prediction modeling.
  • Dexai Robotics - Dexai Robotics makes fresh food affordable and accessible by providing a plug-and-play robot-arm automation solution for commercial kitchens and quick-serve restaurants.
  • DreamWorldVR - DreamWorldVR is a social VR platform that enables hospitalized children to connect with each other without having to be physically next to each other.
  • Elios - Elios is an alert service for early signs of employee risk.
  • Forgeant - Forgeant is an employee engagement software solution that is revolutionizing the way organizations collect people analytics.
  • Greener - Greener is a technology platform that uses sensors and advanced analytics to increase grower profitability by reducing energy usage.
  • H2Ok Innovations - H2Ok Innovations uses AI and data analytics to empower communities for cleaner water.
  • Hellofriend - Hellofriend helps customers find unique and authentic local experiences around their location. Become a host and earn money!
  • Loro - Loro is a smart companion robot that gives people with mobility challenges the ability to connect, communicate, and control their surroundings.
  • MyToolbox Technologies - MyToolbox is a labor marketplace for skilled blue collar workers, offering them a platform to secure jobs, manage licenses, and access basic financial services.
  • Overjet - Overjet uses AI to analyze dental patient data and provide an unbiased diagnosis and treatment plan proposal.
  • Pinned - Pinned provides a streamlined service that simplifies pre- and post-moving tasks for employees relocating for work.
  • -’s Amazon-quality AI for B2B distributors predicts what customers will buy, driving revenue growth and improving the customer experience.
  • SECURE - SECURE is a personal safety device that uses low-power, wide-area networks to send GPS data kilometers, and emits a body alarm to make safety convenient and reliable.
  • smoodi - smoodi makes people happier and healthier with personalized, fresh smoothies through their self-cleaning blender. Imagine a Keurig for smoothies!
  • StoryEntry - StoryEntry solves the time and geography issues associated with maintaining strong relationships.
  • TurnTable - TurnTable’s software helps restaurants turn tables faster.
  • Vound - Vound is building hearing-aid tech that converts surrounding sounds into visual forms, enabling the deaf to communicate by visualizing sounds.


  • ArtNext - ArtNext is art as a subscription model. They grow access to the art market by bringing gallery holdings to your home, at a fraction of the price.
  • bao - bao creates a stylish, multi-use and sustainable handbag that flatters but also matters. Handmade by women for women who want both the sustainability and the chicness.
  • Bundle - Bundle provides flexible child care as an employee benefit for working parents, helping employers reduce absenteeism and attract and retain talent.
  • DozeOn - DozeOn is a Smart Watch app that detects driver drowsiness and then taps the drowsy driver before they fall asleep behind the wheel.
  • Honeybird - Honeybird creates products to support stress relief and better sleep. Its first product is a weighted blanket designed to be ~10% of the user’s body weight.
  • Hyka - Hyka is a mental wellness consumer product that reduces stress through brain stimulation and neurofeedback data.
  • LaPrincess Entertainment Group - LaPrincess Entertainment Group is a vehicle for minority content creators to produce original work for music, ballet/musical theater, television, and film.
  • Lesson Squad - Lesson Squad empowers music educators to make a living through teaching with a platform that automates student acquisition, scheduling and payments.
  • LeverEdge - LeverEdge uses group buying power to get lower loan rates for students.
  • Modern Mammals - Modern Mammals creates better hair washing products for men to replace shampoo and conditioner.
  • Naya Studio - Naya Studio is designing a digital platform for creating custom furniture that will help take your idea from a sketch to a product delivered to your door.
  • ReMana - ReMana is reinventing the way women pump, store and feed their breastmilk through reusable bottles designed for efficient freezer storage.
  • Settlyt - Settlyt is a platform that facilitates challenges, disputes, competitions, and dares.
  • StrattyX - StrattyX is a beginner-friendly tool that automates your investing strategies based on events like price changes, breaking news, and more.
  • Troav - Troav is a Netflix for things: for a monthly subscription, users can borrow anything, anytime.
  • Village - Village is reinventing daycare and catalyzing women’s advancement by building community spaces that centralize all aspects of child and family care.
  • Vincere Health - Vincere Health uses real-time financial rewards and behavioral nudges to motivate people to live healthier lives.
  • Voodles - Voodles is reinventing the way kids eat veggies with vegetable-based pasta that comes in three flavors: cauliflower & corn, beet & carrot, and broccoli & pea.

Health and Life Sciences

  • Abraze Manufacturing - Abraze Manufacturing makes steel without CO2 emissions.
  • Aikili Biosystems - Aikili provides a low-cost, automated, and accurate diagnosis to breast cancer patients who lack access to effective diagnosis.
  • AquaPlastic - AquaPlastic produces biodegradable bioplastic from microbial miofilms- based aquagel, which is aquaweldable, aquamoldable, strong, robust, imprintable and coatable.
  • Arecibo - Arecibo designs the future of life and work on the moon, Mars, and the space in-between through a better human/machine relationship.
  • CareZooming - CareZooming is a web-based learning platform and expert network providing clinicians with technical expertise for their next healthcare delivery project.
  • Epigene Labs - Epigene Labs deliver smart aggregation of genomic data for drug discovery in oncology.
  • Flotherm - Flotherm is a clinically superior way to maintain normothermia during surgery that helps reduce post-operative complications and avoidable expenditure.
  • GC Therapeutics - GCTx is revolutionizing cell therapy by building a cell engineering platform that is 100x faster, 10x more efficient, and tailored to treat incurable diseases.
  • Gencores - Gencores is a platform that reduces the risk of concussion with customizable, smart, shock-absorbing helmet inserts.
  • g.Root Biomedical Services - g.Root is building a genetic interpreting engine for future precision medicine.
  • ICUx - ICUx reduces hospital costs by displaying alarms in emergency rooms according to importance by personalized alarm parameters using variables from records.
  • Kallier Biosciences - Kallier identifies beneficial bacteria from agricultural soil to build farm-personalized treatments to fight crop disease.
  • Kinnos - Kinnos uses color-changing disinfection technology to raise the standard of infection prevention, protecting the lives of healthcare workers and patients.
  • Knot - Knot is a digital platform for doctors to store, analyze, and share educational content from patient cases to improve training and reduce workload.
  • Koldchain - Koldchain blends big data and thermosensitive polymers to monitor vaccine and biotech cold chains, prevent fraud, and address infant/mother mortality.
  • Limax Biosciences - Limax uses a strong, stretchy, and flexible hydrogel adhesive platform, based on bio-inspired materials, to seal wounds and promote healing throughout the body.
  • Manifold Bio - Manifold Bio combines DNA technologies and machine learning to make protein drugs to cure intractable diseases.
  • Meaningful.Care - Meaningful.Care delivers excellent home healthcare and support to cancer patients through a family-centered care model enabled by technology.
  • MindMics - MindMics is building a technology platform to help people better manage physical and emotional well-being via smart earbuds that integrate with our everyday activities, empowering us to modify our behavior.
  • PionEar Technologies - PionEar Technologies is revolutionizing the treatment of ear infections with anti-biofouling ear tube implants unique drug transport capabilities.
  • Rumana - Rumana develops innovative clinical trial designs.
  • Visionairy Health - Visionairy Health develops an automated screening solution for chest radiographs to reduce radiologists’ workload and increase their efficiency.

Social Impact

  • ACE: Accelerating Civic Engagement - ACE is a civic engagement app that creates community leadership pathways for individuals to learn about, engage in, and shape their localities.
  • BeenThere - BeenThere provides accessible, online, 1-on-1 peer mentoring services for Chinese consumers in a sub-healthy mental state to prevent mental disease.
  • DreamxAmerica - DreamxAmerica is a social enterprise joining storytelling and impact investing to support immigrant entrepreneurs in towns and cities across America.
  • Generus - Generus is a financial data platform that empowers employers to expand smart cash transfers – an employee benefit for a better future of work.
  • Growing Communities - Growing Communities integrates backyard farming technology and a novel agriculture model to commercially grow vegetables and fish in economically challenged communities.
  • HERA: Health Recording Application - HERA is a mobile application that sends notifications for timely medical care and keeps electronic medical records of refugee women in Turkey.
  • Hometrust - Hometrust is a web-based app that makes it safer and easier for sellers to self-finance the sale of their home, thereby cutting out banks and recapturing interest.
  • Honest Closet - Honest Closet is a movement that encourages the next generation of consumers to engage critically with the clothing industry.
  • Nearsighted Globe - Nearsighted Globe is a novel, affordable and sustainable approach for diagnosis and the distribution of glasses for the visually impaired in less privileged areas.
  • Our Voices Matter - Our Voices Matter raises students’ confidence, critical consciousness, and compassion through public speaking.
  • PROUD Goals - PROUD Goals is an intermediary agency that builds networks, connects funds with ideas, and negotiates/improves local projects to address root causes of global problems.
  • Raiffa - Raiffa is a Learning Management System that prepares students to learn away from the classroom while improving the classroom experience with simulations.
  • VRsatility - VRsatility provides teachers with an immersive virtual space to practice their interpersonal and pedagogical skills prior to initial engagement with students.
  • Rise: the membership - Rise: the membership supports 20-something women’s transition from academia to professional life through learning content, mentorship and community.
  • Rockstone - Rockstone is a p2p leasing platform for university students, where they can securely lend each other bridging finance at a lower cost than credit cards.
  • Seek - Seek aims to help learners make more informed decisions when choosing an online course by personalizing the course search experience.
  • Thrively Health - Thrively Health is a digital platform for family health that empowers women in engaging with supportive services for improved life trajectories.
  • Tendrel - Tendrel is a global leadership platform for social entrepreneurs to engage, learn, grow, and significantly increase their impact.