Announcing the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab’s 2022 Ventures
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Announcing the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab’s 2022 Ventures

Today, the Harvard Innovation Labs announced the 18 ventures that are based in the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab to start 2022.

“Boston is a hub for biotech and life sciences innovation, and we opened the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab to ensure that Harvard students, alumni, faculty, and postdoctoral scholars would have every available resource to start and scale their ventures,” said Matt Segneri, Bruce and Bridgitt Evans Executive Director of the Harvard Innovation Labs. “Over the last five years, we’ve seen 45 high-potential startups take extraordinary steps forward while working out of the Life Lab, in areas ranging from novel vaccine delivery to a DNA-based solution for data storage. Collectively, these ventures have raised more than $800 million and created hundreds of jobs. We look forward to seeing what the Life Lab’s newest members will accomplish.”

Located on Harvard’s Allston campus, the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab’s 15,000-square foot facility features a fully equipped, permitted wet laboratory and collaborative co-working space. Ventures can be in residence in the Life Lab for up to two years. As part of the Harvard Innovation Labs ecosystem, ventures have access to robust programming and resources — from business-building and industry-specific programming to expert advisors and mentors.

Current Life Lab founders come from six different Harvard schools, and 61% of the ventures have a female founder or co-founder. The 18 ventures working out of the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab include:

  • Aikili Biosystems: Using a next-generation single-cell analysis platform to develop new protein biomarkers for precision oncology.
  • Artus Therapeutics: Developing first-in-class oral therapeutics for barrier dysfunction diseases.
  • BioDevek: Improving clinical outcomes following internal surgeries through degradable biomaterials.
  • CaviSense: Reversing dental caries through early detection and continuous monitoring at home.
  • Concerto Biosciences: Rebuilding microbial communities in, on, and around us to heal our bodies and our planet.
  • General Biologics: Developing therapeutics for unmet medical needs through fusion proteins and gene therapy.
  • Holistick Medical: Developing a flexible device for an atraumatic treatment of common cardiac defects.
  • Kern Systems: Leveraging enzymes and cutting-edge software to store digital data in DNA at scale.
  • M13 Therapeutics: Harnessing the phageome to deliver any therapeutic gene to any target cell.
  • Manifold Bio: Enabling massive, parallel measurement of drugs to unlock entire categories of treatments.
  • Nabla Bio: Engineering multiple clinically essential properties into next-generation antibodies.
  • Promakhos Therapeutics: Focusing on local and controlled modulation of the immune system to restore homeostasis.
  • Raqia Therapeutics: Developing controllable CAR-T cells to improve cancer treatment.
  • Rhogen Biotech: Designing living therapeutics medicines and recombinant/synthetic proteins to treat disease.
  • Stratagen Bio: Transforming treatment planning, beginning with long-term monitoring of tissue oxygen.
  • STRM.BIO: Developing extracellular vesicles to deliver gene therapies in vivo.
  • Terascale: Creating a synthetic chemistry approach to create low-cost, efficient solar panels.
  • Transcera Inc.: Transforming chronic disease treatment through a new approach to biologic medicines.