Turning Ideas Into Impact: Chaku Foods
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Turning Ideas Into Impact: Chaku Foods

How Chaku Foods is creating wealth for smallholder farmers in Africa while minimizing climate risk.

Nikki Okrah (center) with plantain farmers in Ghana.

Since winning the top prize in the Open Track at the 2021 Harvard President's Innovation Challenge, Chaku Foods is finding new ways to support smallholder farmers in Africa at scale.

Initially focused on consumer packaged goods, producing plaintain chips, Chaku Foods is now using AI to predict crop yield and give farmers access to global markets like never before.

We caught up with Chaku Foods founder Nikki Okrah (HBS '21) leading up to this year's PIC. She reflected on her founder journey and the growing impact of Chaku on smallholder farmers like Helina, who you'll meet in the video below.

Nikki Okrah (HBS '21), founder of Chaku Foods, and Helina, a Chaku partner farmer, on the venture's life-changing partnership with farmers in Ghana.

Last month, Okrah was invited back to her alma mater, Northwestern University, where she delivered the 2024 Weinberg Convocation address.

Watch: Nikki Okrah (HBS '21) delivers the commencement address at the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences Convocation in June 2024. Her speech begins at 20:27.