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Harvard Innovation Labs Announces Record-Setting Student Engagement for Fall Semester

Members of the Harvard Innovation Labs gather for fall orientation.
Members of the Harvard Innovation Labs gather for fall orientation.

Today, the Harvard Innovation Labs is announcing that 1,700 students have signed up as members of the university innovation center — a more than 50% increase in membership from the fall of 2022.

"Across all 13 Harvard schools, we're seeing incredible student interest in innovation and entrepreneurship," said Matt Segneri, the Bruce and Bridgitt Evans Executive Director of the Harvard Innovation Labs. "As we welcome a record-setting number of members to the Harvard Innovation Labs this semester, we look forward to supporting students just starting to explore innovation, those who have already launched a venture and are scaling their teams, and everyone in between."

lots of students talking with each other in the i-lab
Hundreds of Harvard Innovation Labs members got to meet students from all 13 schools during the fall 2023 new member orientation.

Harvard Innovation Labs members have access to a range of support, including expert advisors, workshops, social events that encourage community building, and resources for ideation and building products and services. Members can also apply for a range of funding opportunities, including Spark Grants, for early-stage prototyping and customer discovery; the Social Impact Fellowship Fund, for impact-focused ventures; and the Allston Venture Fund, for pre-seed funding and equity-free grants.

"The Harvard Innovation Labs has developed resources for students focused on dozens of different industries, including artificial intelligence, climate and sustainability, education, healthcare, and many more," said Rebecca Xiong, managing director of programs at the Harvard Innovation Labs. "As we bring all of these students with different backgrounds together, our hope is that they'll learn from each other's perspectives as they ideate and build extraordinary ventures."

Here’s a sample of ventures that the Harvard Innovation Labs members are working on this fall:

  • Adrena is developing a low-cost autoinjector for anaphylactic allergies, with a sleek design that can fit inside a wallet.
  • AudienceAI helps video creators improve their video metrics, including views, retention, and click-through rates.
  • Boston Bioplastics manufactures environmentally friendly, affordable consumables to be used for lab research.
  • BUYOUT connects locally owned Boston restaurants to corporations with private dining needs.
  • Cerda automates legal check processing in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry with AI.
  • Clean Slate Clinic provides clinician-led home alcohol/drug detox, delivered completely through telehealth and paid for by health insurers, governments, and individuals.
  • CSE Technologies creates booking systems for for-profit and nonprofit organizations in Zimbabwe which use an appointment, booking, or reservation system.
  • EduPath personalizes K-12 education, utilizing AI and other technology to tailor the curriculum and support for each unique student.
  • Ester Technology has developed a solution for recycling polyester textile waste in the most energy-efficient and climate-friendly way.
  • JIVAM Foundation provides a community-based approach to sustainability and STEM education for women and underprivileged youth.
  • Hometeam enables family and paid caregivers to deliver the best care possible, as efficiently as possible.
  • GradientAI is leveraging AI sentiment bias manipulation to provide hyper-personalized AI sentiment analysis models for businesses.
  • Kela is focused on improving the lives of impoverished Cambodian children through sports.
  • LegalEase uses AI to help law firms provide case summaries, explanations of key terms, and translation of case information to their clients.
  • Medi.Cation.AI is a VR company building immersive meditation experiences, designed exclusively for women.
  • Mesa Quantum leverages quantum principles to create ultra-precise sensors that measure time, acceleration, inertial movement, and magnetic/gravitational fields.
  • Nunchi Health is building inclusive mental health programs for immigrants.
  • Optain uses state-of-the-art retinal imaging technology and advanced AI algorithms to non-invasively evaluate patient health.
  • Path to Career aims to help rural students in the U.S. identify their passions and interests via a mobile app, and view corresponding career options.
  • Patriots Health is an art-based educational nonprofit that honors exceptional Americans through American heritage story quilt art exhibits.
  • PrescribeLA.ai advises doctors with diagnosis and prescription, based on each patient’s medical history, the latest research, and clinical guidelines.
  • POCs on Skis provides underrepresented minority groups in America with the opportunity and confidence to participate in the $4B+ ski industry.
  • Recoverise aims to optimize injury diagnostic and recovery procedures through machine learning and AI amplifications of existing and potential screening methods.
  • Space Health Organization provides medical expertise for space travel operations.
  • Terrahawk is a B2B fintech startup focused on transforming global investing and creating more efficient, equitable markets.