Introducing the 2016 Harvard Innovation Labs' Fall VIP class
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Introducing the 2016 Harvard Innovation Labs' Fall VIP class

Students waving at an i-lab event

Five years ago this fall, the Harvard i-lab opened its doors. Since 2011, it has been focused on breaking down silos between all of Harvard’s schools to help students with different interests connect with each other.

Connection is central to creating an environment that fosters innovation, and over the years there have been hundreds of examples of students with complementary backgrounds working together at the i-lab to address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

And so, the i-lab is excited to announce the teams in the 15th Venture Incubation Program (VIP) cohort. All 13 Harvard schools are represented across the more than 80 teams this fall. There’s a mix of ventures working in everything from edtech to virtual reality, music, fashion, drones, and healthcare diagnostics.

The teams in this most recent cohort are already collaborating with innovators and entrepreneurs both within Harvard and beyond. Collectively, these ventures are comprised of 180 Harvard students and have brought on more than 75 people from the Greater Boston university and entrepreneur communities.

Although this may be the first time you hear about some of these early-stage ventures, we are confident that it won’t be the last.

  • Ace-up aims to be the go-to marketplace for coaches. The company’s mission is to help coaches develop their business and help people get better coaching.
  • adapptED provides unlimited personalized learning for the cost of a textbook; in essence, the Siri for learning.
  • Aday is a digital labor optimization platform designed for employers of hourly-wage employees.
  • Aeiyr is developing easy to use, wearable, and affordable respiration sensors for screening and monitoring sleep apnea (and later other conditions).
  • ALEX is a marketplace of higher education and professional courses to advance your career.
  • AllHere is reducing absences among the 6.5M+ Pre-K-12 students missing 15 days of class each year.
  • Analytical Space Inc. is a hardware company in stealth mode.
  • Beat Academy is a stealth social enterprise startup.
  • BillCrew helps self-insured companies lower their costs and reduce lack of productivity by connecting their employees with medical billing advocates.
  • Biomiic is a stealth diagnostic health company.
  • Blue Skies makes products to reduce asthma and deaths from air pollution.
  • Boréas Semiconductor is an energy company currently in stealth mode.
  • Buoy Health is a stealth medical industry company.
  • Cambiagua uses solar power to bring clean water to vulnerable communities and provide off-grid water heating to diverse consumers.
  • Catalyst is a media aggregator, a blogging platform, and a crowdfunding tool that transforms the way users engage with news content.
  • Chirp is a smart baby vital monitoring system whose integrated sensor solutions prevent tragic baby deaths.
  • ClimaCell is helping businesses make better decisions by providing the most accurate weather data in the world.
  • Confi is an online community for young women seeking advice on sensitive health topics. It also conducts sexual assault research and organizes events.
  • CozyKin brings families together to share childcare providers.
  • CVue Lab helps urban leaders improve city life by tapping a novel big-data source: street-level images. Tackling Zika virus is our first project.
  • Day Zero Diagnostics is creating a rapid and comprehensive diagnostic for drug-resistant bacterial infections using genome sequencing and machine learning.
  • is a stealth delivery startup.
  • Dibble aims to combat environmental degradation by introducing algae, in the form of snack foods, as a sustainable alternative to animal protein.
  • is a real estate tech startup that makes the apartment living experience amazing for residents and landlords through our resident portal.
  • Dotacle has developed an alternative to prescription glasses for patients in resource-limited settings.
  • Dreamporte provides educators with enrichment programs that use virtual reality and hands-on activities to teach and inspire middle school students.
  • Empanist is an online platform that connects accompanists to musicians.
  • Evisort is a user-friendly cloud-based tool for law firms automating the drafting, editing, and reviewing of legal documents with artificial intelligence.
  • FileAway is a mobile messaging based on-the-go accounting service for small and medium sized businesses.
  • Flare Jewelry is igniting a movement to end assault on women by creating fashionable, tech jewelry that protects you if you’re assaulted and collects evidence.
  • Girls Health Champions empowers adolescent girls globally as peer-to-peer health educators and leaders in their schools and communities.
  • Glassy is a stealth navigation startup.
  • Gomango helps India’s food producers transport their perishable goods on any truck or train by offering them rentable refrigeration at a reasonable price.
  • HealthWiz helps people get better faster by providing a one-stop-shop to diagnose symptoms, understand conditions, find doctors, and estimate costs of care
  • Heartstring makes it possible for musicians and bands anywhere in the world to get their music quickly and simply into other people’s user generated videos.
  • Herald Health is helping doctors increase efficiency and reduce treatment delays by getting real-time clinical data exactly when it’s needed.
  • Illume Healthcare is a stealth health startup.
  • Impact Labs is a developer of proprietary leaf spring add-on for football helmets to reduce damaging impact forces to the head.
  • InnoPoint is developing an innovative credit bureau in Rwanda that focuses on serving the base of the pyramid (BOP).
  • JaneDx seeks to develop portable, disposable, and inexpensive molecular diagnostic devices to enable point-of-care screening of high-risk HPV.
  • JumpYield helps website make more money by pricing their ad spaces better.
  • Khushi Baby uses mobile health, wearable tech and cloud computing to bridge the world’s maternal and child health gap.
  • Koja is an ethically-sourced shearling and leather coat e-com brand. Born in Kazakstan, handcrafted in Germany and designed in New York City.
  • Lidify is GitHub meets Asana for presentations, bringing version management and collaboration to professionals using PPT.
  • Linxx provides compassionate and confidential spaces for millennial women to come together, share their struggles, and find support and solutions.
  • Luccia is a stealth Virtual Reality venture.
  • Magic is a social impact startup in stealth.
  • Magpie is a more personal way to shop. It allows users to buy products on any site, publishers to monetize content, and brands to grow sales.
  • Memora Health is communications and analytics platform for physicians to automate care management communication with patients via SMS.
  • Mindsprout is a parent’s sidekick for child development; our app shows parents exactly what they can do to advance their child’s growth from ages 0-3.
  • Noken Travel is a stealth travel company.
  • Orca is a travel recommendation company in stealth.
  • Outdoor Pass is a monthly subscription that helps members discover and do local outdoor and “out-of-doors” activities with friends and community.
  • Parachute Teachers is a marketplace for substitute teachers.
  • Pasand is a social enterprise that educates adolescents on personal health and wellness (i.e. sexual health and education) in South India.
  • PathoVax LLC is develop a best-in-class prophylactic Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine technology RGVax targeting all 15 cancer-causing strains.
  • PayDown is a stealth financial startup.
  • Perseus Mirrors is the world’s smartest mirror; our interactive digital display, voice recognition, and intuitive user design redefine the daily routine.
  • Phonix is communication company currently in stealth.
  • Project for Better Journalism provides access to quality educational programming and student journalism for all.
  • Pronto Health automates elements of provider-patient communication, enabling providers to save time, increase profit, and improve quality of care
  • Proxi is a peer-to-peer platform where users of a community can deliver physical goods to one another during their daily routines.
  • Room2learn bridges designers with educators to build 21st century learning spaces. Learning has changed; classrooms haven’t.
  • SafeCycle Technologies develops and sells commuter bicycles, with the mission of making city cycling as safe as 21st century transport should be.
  • Satoru is an AI-enabled cash management platform for small businesses.
  • Shield AI is a stealth hardware company.
  • Shuflix makes choosing activities fun, quick and easy with a single shake of your phone.
  • Solchroma Technologies is building the world’s most vivid, sunlight-readable displays for large-area digital signage as we envision our future in bold color.
  • The CodeX Program is a stealth education venture.
  • Transcend is a data company in stealth mode.
  • Two Rabbits culturally adapted curriculum and teaching bring learning to children living on the margins, who are beyond the reach of traditional schooling.
  • uli Tech is a parametric design software, offered as a service, for real estate developers to aid in the underwriting process.
  • Ummo is a personalized speech coach — think of it as a “FitBit” for your speech fitness.
  • UrSure is a stealth health and medicine company.
  • VeRg is a virtual reality venture in stealth.
  • Wallobee is a beacon-integrated mobile marketing tool for retailers to track customer behavior.
  • Wolfepack is a device that speeds up your laptop.
  • Words Liive was created to eradicate illiteracy across the globe by addressing youth access and chronic underperformance in under-resourced districts.
  • Z Imaging is developing an augmented reality tool to guide surgeons with their patients’ 3D imaging data during complex surgeries.
  • Zinc Platform is a stealth fintech venture.