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Introducing the Harvard Innovation Labs 2018 Summer Venture Incubation Program (VIP) Teams

Harvard Innovation Labs team holding a sign with the venture name PionEar

In his address during Harvard’s 367th Commencement, U.S. Representative and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis delivered a powerful message about the importance of President Faust’s One Harvard initiative:

“The brilliant mind is not confined to one discipline, or one way of thinking,” Lewis said. “In fact, true genius sees connections and relationships across barriers to build a new understanding of the world around us.”

Learning from people with different backgrounds, and working together on ideas that have the potential to change the world, is precisely what hundreds of Harvard students will focus on this summer as part of the 2018 Summer Venture Incubation Program (VIP).

We recently welcomed 72 ventures to participate in the 10-week VIP. While our Fall and Spring VIP is structured in a way that allows students to prioritize their coursework, the Summer VIP teams will dedicate the vast majority of their time over the next two and a half months to collaborating with people from across Harvard, and turning their ideas into realities.

The teams represent a broad diversity of industries: 21% are focused on social impact, cultural entrepreneurship or education; 24% on consumer products or services; 26% on health and sciences; and 29% on enterprise or high tech. The startup founders come from every Harvard school — an excellent expression of President Faust’s One Harvard vision to foster collaboration amongst the entire Harvard community.


  • Abridge News - We get people out of their news echo chambers by making it easy to engage with a wide spectrum of opinions on important stories.
  • Airr - Airr is building a better way to consume and share podcasts.
  • Betcha - We are going to help maintain accountability for bets, with the added feature of allowing friends to act as “judges.”
  • Crave - The Tinder for food!
  • Declutter - Declutter is your on demand, one click solution for selling items on second hand markets.
  • DreamLocker - Tech-enabled platform to professionally catalog, digitize and later sell items held in self-storage facilities
  • Dystrophic - Dystrophic is a game development studio creating Hexile, a surreal puzzle game based on themes of environmentalism and social awareness.
  • Endorse - Esports influencer marketing - connecting brands to video game players for authentic product sponsorships
  • Exporta Technologies - is an export-as-a-service platform that helps Latin American manufacturers enter global e-commerce marketplaces.
  • Hellofriend - Hellofriend is a decentralized social networking platform for people to buy and sell social experiences around the globe.
  • Lesson Squad - Music lessons in the comfort of your home.
  • Produce Labs - New ways to interface with food for smarter decisions around what to eat using machine learning on recipe data of nutrition, environment, and culture.
  • ReMana - ReMana is reinventing how women pump, store and feed breastmilk. The system reduces the chance of spilling, requires less cleaning and is sustainable.
  • SheepyBaby - We deliver a digital health platform to planning couples to improve preconception health and improve health outcomes for both the baby and the mother.
  • TOP UP - TOP-UP is a marketplace where consumers in Mexico can earn mobile data by completing engagements with brands and governmental agencies.
  • Venuefly - Venuefly makes it easy to find event spaces - our platform allows bookers and venues to find, communicate, and transact with each other.
  • Voodles - Voodles is reinventing instant noodles by creating organic microwaveable meals using vegetable noodles.

Health and Sciences

  • AUGMENTx - We play a visual mind trick on the brain using augmented reality to accelerate neurological recovery in patients.
  • CareZoom - We are developing a high-tech tool that helps healthcare providers adopt best practices for excellent patient care.
  • CheckMate Diabetes - Checkmate is a smartphone app created to both monitor and motivate blood-glucose tracking.
  • Flow Suit - Flow Suit is clothing with built-in electrodes that can enable paraplegics to have manual control of their legs through electronic muscle stimulation.
  • Immunity Health - Immunity Health organizes complex medical data and makes it useful to hospitals and researchers.
  • Koroid - Koroid enables healthcare providers to hire and manage temporary staff in an effective manner through its proprietary, AI-enabled technology
  • Loro - Loro is a platform for providing a smart companion robot that serves as a connectivity hub for wheelchair users.
  • Memora Health - A virtual health coach in your pocket. We help care teams automate patient instructions and FAQ 24/7 and rapidly triage symptoms.
  • Mighty Mouth - Selling dental products online, faster and cheaper.
  • MindMics - We build earphones that help to achieve healthier and happier life by providing mind and body monitoring system.
  • NanoBright - Offer non-invasive cancer prognosis, monitoring and screening with unparalleled accuracy
  • Nella - Nella is a digital platform providing instant medical advice to vulnerable families by combining smart algorithms, digital tools, and live nurses.
  • Oralize - Transforming injected drugs into formulations for oral delivery.
  • PionEar - Revolutionizing the treatment of ear infections with low-cost, minimally invasive, and selectively permeable ear tube implants.
  • QuantMe - Invent biosensor platform to profile auto-antibodies (Aabs) in autoimmune patients; Implement personalized Aab diagnostics; Invent Aab targeted drugs.
  • RevCy - RevCy pairs low-interest consumer loans to qualified patients with an innovative investment vehicle that will raise reimbursement rates for hospitals.
  • Umbulizer - Umbulizer is developing a reliable, low-cost, and portable device that can provide continuous ventilation to patients in resource-limited settings.
  • - provides a cost-efficient individual-tailored therapeutics platform for human diseases.
  • Z Imaging - Z Imaging is developing an augmented reality system to help surgeons operate safer and faster.

Social Impact, Cultural and Education

  • Anuel Capital - Our enterprise solution is designed to help pay-as-you-go solar companies generate loan notes and power purchase agreements for unbanked communities.
  • Cellular Agriculture Society - Clean, Animal-free, Sustainable: Cellular Agriculture Society
  • ChitChat VR - ChitChat VR offers a suite of immersive virtual reality videos, using contextual clues and cultural cues to promote a mastery of speaking English.
  • Coders Beyond Bars - To give incarcerated individuals access to skills and support to prepare them for successful reentry into society and careers in high-tech industries
  • EatWell - EatWell makes healthy eating more accessible to low-income urban families, reducing cost and inconvenience barriers with a 30 minute one pot meal kit.
  • Educational Justice Activists - We (1) select the brightest high schoolers (2) train them as tutors & (3) pair each one with a low-income 5-8th grader to tackle educational inequity.
  • Fair Dues - We partner with worker organizations to increase community support for fairer working conditions through online, face-to-face and phone fundraising.
  • Joro - We're helping you make sustainability a daily practice through an app that helps you track and manage your emissions in real-time on your smartphone.
  • Physis Investment - We use the most advanced technology to help investors maximize returns and invest in companies that respect the planet and the people.
  • Revive - Revive is an online social network aimed at fostering deeper community, societal engagement, and spiritual vitality among Christian professionals.
  • Sage Learning - We’re creating a platform for educators to easily make libraries of Khan Academy-style teaching videos, hosted on their own YouTube-like channel.
  • SHLD (Self-Healing and Learning Dialogue) - SHLD leverages social media to prevent mental health crises and promote wellness of young adults, particularly those with marginalized identities.
  • Thrively (Mo Mo) - Mo Mo is a virtual care navigator that demystifies maternal health & helps women in navigating the complexities of care for better life outcomes
  • Wippit - Wippit uses financial incentives to help users reduce their online time wasting and donates the forfeited funds to social impact initiatives.
  • Youth Activism Project - Youth Activism Project sparks youth activists and provides them with the skills to lead sustained, impactful advocacy on human rights issues.

Technology and B2B/Enterprise

  • Aday Technologies - Aday is a B2B human resources and operation platform that enables a paradigm to hire, schedule, and train employees
  • Aerospec Technologies - We use computer vision technology to accurately analyze asset anomalies
  • AirCrew - We develop advanced catalytic materials to address global needs for air purification for residential, industrial, and automotive sectors.
  • Alfred Sous-Chef - Alfred is a personalized robotic arm that helps QSR restaurants make food which (1) addresses their large labor costs & (2) increases their capacity
  • Alpha Vantage - Cloud-based financial market data & analytics platform
  • ArbiLex - Legal analytics without borders.
  • Carriage - We help get electric vehicle charging infrastructure installed where drivers need it and maintained when they need it.
  • CocoPay - Cocopay is a payment processing service that allows vendors to accept cryptocurrency in fiat currency -- without time delay and volatility issues.
  • Covalent Networks - Web-based platform that administers workforce development programs between employers, educators, and economic development agencies.
  • eudios - We use machine learning to help companies understand and reduce their economic vulnerability to infectious disease outbreaks.
  • Evisort - Evisort is on a mission to change how companies interact with their contracts and legal documents.
  • Factor - Factor empowers R&D teams to bring better manufactured products to market faster. Factor is a world-class connected supply chain at your fingertips.
  • Frank - Frank is a personal, no-BS, no-judgment, real-time career mentor that helps college students more successfully navigate the school-to-work transition.
  • Inkrypt - Creating a platform on which journalism firms can back up their content and data so that it is invulnerable to both front-end and back-end censorship
  • Oddblock - OddBlock connects a global workforce to digitally verifiable tasks and rewards them for validly carrying them out through the blockchain
  • Privacy Watch - Privacy Watch creates a personal data exchange where consumers control how much or how little data they share with companies they interact with online
  • STEMgem - STEMgem is a device toolkit that allows learners to build real, useful, and relevant technology. Our mission is to engage teenage girls in STEM.
  • Struct Club - Struct Club helps fitness instructors easily prepare and teach their group exercise classes.
  • Vound - Vound is an Augmented Reality hearing-aid that converts surrounding sounds into visual forms enabling deaf people to communicate by visualizing sounds
  • Zoba - Zoba uses machine learning to predict human behavior in cities.
  • Zoid Domain Awareness - Because managers cannot pay attention to all at once, we analyze their video feed data and report back to them with meaningful insights.