Turning Ideas Into Impact: Myspeech
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Turning Ideas Into Impact: Myspeech

How Myspeech is empowering people who stutter to live more confidently

MySpeech team

Get inspired by Myspeech's innovation journey since winning the top prize in the social impact track at the 2022 Harvard President's Innovation Challenge.

Founded by Nathan Mallipeddi (HMS '26), Myspeech is an online platform where people who stutter can access resources, affordable speech therapy, and community support. We caught up with Nathan leading up to this year's PIC to learn more about his founder journey and the impact Myspeech is having on people like Sarjana, who you'll meet in the video below.

Nathan Mallipeddi (HMS '26), founder of Myspeech and a student i-lab member, and Kazi Sarjana Safain, a Myspeech scholarship recipient, on the nonprofit's life-changing speech therapy and community resources.