Introducing the Teams in the I-Lab Summer VIP Cohort
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Introducing the Teams in the I-Lab Summer VIP Cohort

Students at i-lab summer orientation

Monday was the first day of this summer's Venture Incubation Program, and we have a whole bunch on new startups that are going to be working out of the i-lab for the first time (we also have quite a few old friends who are coming back). With a full slate of workshops, talks, and social events planned for the program, the summer is going to be a busy one for these Harvard-related early-stage ventures.

Here are 63 teams that are taking part in the summer VIP cohort (there are a few more that are in stealth that we are still keeping under wraps...). Some you may have heard of before, others you might be discovering for the first time. All of them are trying to take their ideas further, faster without also having to balance their academic course load. As you'll see, these companies cover a wide array of industries, their founders have diverse backgrounds and experiences, and, they represent almost all of Harvard's schools.

One thing is for sure, when September rolls around, these companies will be in a completely different position than when they began the summer program.

  • Accelorithm is an online platform that saves time, increases memory retention and improves test scores for students preparing for standardized exams.
  • Ace-up provides a highly vetted network of coaches dedicated to your personal and professional development.
  • adapptED provides unlimited personalized learning for the cost of a textbook.
  • Atemp.Today is a digital labor market designed for low-wage paying industries.
  • Aegis is the "Waze of Security" in high crime, low transparency cities. It empowers citizens to make decisions every day about their safety.
  • Aeiyr is developing an affordable and easy-to-use personal respiration monitor, to follow the treatment of sleep apnea, or athletic performance.
  • Agenda28 is an impact design studio that creates brands, products, and digital experiences that generate social impact.
  • ALEX is the 'Expedia' for higher education. A marketplace where people can take college courses one at a time for career advancement
  • AllHere develops and markets indispensable truancy prevention programs and software to K-12 schools.
  • Ambasity connects companies growing their brands with reliable people to staff their promotional events.
  • Autumnate saves principals time by editing 30 minute classroom observation videos down to 3-5 minute highlight videos, so that they can offer more frequent feedback to their teachers.
  • Barakat Bundle is a package of life-saving solutions and desirable items to reduce preventable infant and maternal mortality in South Asia.
  • The Beat Academy is a digital music licensing firm, which specializes in "socially responsible music" for the media, advertising, and entertainment sectors.
  • BillCrew connects you to experts who can help you reduce your medical bills.
  • Biosay is an app that interprets the body's response to the environment and lets users share this response through emojis.
  • BLOOM is an in-home growing unit and social platform for sharing knowledge of healthy and tasty food, helping you grow your food at every stage.
  • Blue Skies reduces asthma and death rates from air pollution.
  • Bon'Ap helps you eat healthy at work. Register your health profile and your nutrition goals, and we guide you to order right, deliver meals to your office, and track your diet.
  • BrainSpec is a software platform that enables the accurate, efficient, and non-invasive diagnosis of brain disorders.
  • Buoy Health is a virtual doctor on your phone, instantly connecting you to the care you need.
  • Chirp is a smart monitoring system that can track a baby's vitals in the car to give you visibility into your baby’s health.
  • ClimaCell creates the world most accurate weather data using the power of cellular networks.
  • CodingConnect brings together schools with computer coding teachers, tech-sponsored coding resources, and funding to provide kids with after-school coding education.
  • Confi is an online community for young women seeking advice on sensitive health topics. We also organize university events to reduce sexual assault.
  • Docutribe is a crowdsourced media initiative that drives social change for young people.
  • DoneGood makes it easy to find businesses and events that share your values.
  • Dotacle has developed a cost-effective alternative to corrective prescription glasses for patients in resource-limited settings.
  • Dreamporte is a non-profit providing educational enrichment programs that use virtual reality and hands-on activities to teach and inspire students.
  • EduSaga is an immersive game that brings virtual Shanghai to your mobile phone.
  • Empanist helps musicians book high-caliber accompanists at affordable prices, and enable pianists to easily collaborate with other musicians.
  • Ennate uses predictive analytics to identify top talent from non-traditional backgrounds at scale and connects them to firms looking to diversify their talent pool.
  • Flair Jewelry aims to ignite a movement to create a world where assault isn’t tolerated by making smart, fashionable jewelry that can both protect people and collect evidence.
  • Global Impact Rating rates the impact on society of organizations on a customizable scale and uses the info to support people's investments in companies that do more good.
  • Golden Owl is a web and mobile platform connecting family members with loved ones in assisted living facilities.
  • Heartstring is a mobile app that allows users to easily add music soundtracks to social video and photos.
  • Herald is on a mission to make healthcare safer by offering clinicians real­-time access to clinical data exactly when and how they want it.
  • JumpYield helps websites price their ad spaces better so that they make more money from advertisers.
  • LessonPick is an online website that allows ELL teachers to share lesson plans and resources.
  • Linxx is a women's wellness group providing a compassionate and confidential space for female millennials to come together, share their struggles, and find support and solutions.
  • Ludwig is an e-commerce platform for classical music instruments which uses hourly-paid experts to present instruments in person.
  • Luminopia is a fun, fast and effective VR software treatment for the billions worldwide affected by underserved, treatable visual disorders.
  • Mindsprout is a parent’s sidekick for child development; our app shows parents exactly what they can do to advance their child’s growth from ages 0-3.
  • Nature is a way for users to connects to their air conditioners through mobile devices in order to improve comfort and efficiency while reducing energy demand for utilities.
  • Outdoor Pass inspires and enables people to lead more active lives outdoors by helping customers discover and participate in outdoor activities with friends and community.
  • Parachute is reimagining the substitute teacher.
  • PathoVax is transforming the multi-billion HPV vaccine market with RGVax to target all cancer-causing HPVs neglected by current offerings.
  • Quickhelp is the fastest way to connect with low-cost, high-quality tutors virtually or in-person from Harvard, Columbia, Penn and other Ivy League Universities.
  • QuikForce makes moving simple by networking well-curated movers to meet local demand.
  • RecoverMe is a patient-centric application aimed at improving return-to-work times following occupational injury.
  • Room2Learn brings designers with educators together to create 21st-century learning spaces.
  • Safer School Lab helps schools prevent, respond, and resolve sexual and relationship violence, and advises in the creation of a vision and strategy for healthy student identity development.
  • Satoru helps small businesses get paid quicker on their outstanding business-to-business invoices through an online payment and credit risk platform.
  • Shield AI builds artificial intelligence and robots for defense applications.
  • Solchroma Technologies builds low-cost, full-color, and sunlight-readable displays: The next generation of digital signage.
  • Songshark instantly lets you add your own original soundtrack to video.
  • SuperSymmetry designs and produces apparel that adjusts to a user's biological or environmental condition through the use of smart materials.
  • Trignis is a barbecue grill and smoker that combines app integration and a patent-pending design to monitor temperature, achieving next level BBQ results.
  • Vasanta's Shifttrak DAAS uses wearable and biometric data from nurses to predict and prevent burnout — and associated consequences — on the job.
  • Zeùs Surfboards is developing a 4D printing technology to disrupt the surfing industry.