Introduction to Financial Modeling

5:30 pm — 7:00 pm
Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Building a financial model for your business can be daunting However, a couple of lines in Excel will help you better understand your finances and what drives your business. Come to this workshop to learn the basics of building a financial model: what ingredients you will need, how to make assumptions, and how to create a simple template in Excel.

Speaker Name: Jimmy Nguyen
I’m obsessed with partnering with and supporting startup founders—an enthusiast about advancing the venture community to the next milestone. Worked in the commercial banking space for 14 plus years, working with early staged/matured companies and VC/PE firms.

My financial services journey started at Bank Of America, mainly on the credit/lending side. My next stop was a Portfolio Manager for the Technology & Life Sciences team at Comerica Bank, then a Sr. Credit Analyst on the Fund Financing team at First Republic, and currently a Commercial Banker on the Tech team at J.P. Morgan.

My educational background started creatively as a Fine Art major at URI and enhanced my entrepreneurial spirit when I attended Babson College for my MBA. I also serve as a voluntary member of Morgan Memorial Goodwill’s Young Professional Committee, Investment Committee, and Board of Directors.


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Introduction to Financial Modeling
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