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For Biotech + Life Science Ventures

Harvard Life Lab

Outside of Pagliuca Life Lab

What you want is within reach – let us take care of the lab so that you can fully concentrate on groundbreaking innovation.

Level 1

  • Dedicated co-working office space for Life Lab members
  • 3 conference rooms
  • 4 phone booths
  • Lockers and filing cabinets

Level 2

  • 30 benches in the open lab
  • 6 benches in the private suite
  • Biosafety lab level 1 (BSL-1), with dedicated biosafety lab level 2 (BSL-2) rooms

Additional Features

  • Fume hood alcoves
  • Tissue culture rooms
  • Refrigeration
  • A microscopy room, and associated operational infrastructure
Person working in white lab coat looking at microscope
We are equipped with BSL-1 and BSL-2 lab rooms
People working inside the life lab office space
Two people working in an office at the Life Lab
A person on the phone inside the Life Lab office

Complimentary Services

As you advance your science, we make sure that you have and know how to use the best equipment for your needs. We are always glad to train you on shared equipment provided by the Life Lab or an outside vendor. Life Lab ventures also learn best practices on laboratory tools.

Included Services

  • EHS training and compliance for all lab users
  • Permits for all laboratory operations
  • Cleaning and waste removal
  • Maintenance of equipment and technical support
  • Centralized purchasing to reduce costs


Members can reserve top-quality lab equipment through an online reservation tool, including:

  • Glassware prep: autoclave / glass washer
  • Formulation equipment: Fume hoods / pH meters / type I and type II water
  • Cold storage: Refrigerators / -20C freezers / -80C freezer, cryo storage
  • Basic equipment: Centrifuges / vortexes / shakers / micropipettors / electrophoresis tanks / vacuum / gas supplies / ice machine
  • Standard sample analysis tools: Plate readers / PCRs / imaging stations / spectrophotometers
  • Fully equipped BSL-2 labs for tissue culture, virology, and microbiology
Founder working inside the Life Lab with gloves on

We started with just $100K in the bank, a single bench, and just us three founders. With all the shared equipment and infrastructure, we successfully completed our first molecular cloning at the end of the first week.

Gleb Kuznetsov
Gleb Kuznetsov Co-founder and CEO, Manifold Bio

Join The Life Lab

The Life Lab is proud to support high-potential biotech and life-science ventures led by a Harvard affiliate.

A person on the phone inside the Life Lab office
Outside the Life Lab at night