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Building an affordable, hassle-free EV charging solution for multifamily communities.

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Climate Circle Q&A With Founder Rachel Corn (HBS '96)

  • I have an electric vehicle and live in a single-family home. As such, I installed an outlet to charge my car. However, I have friends who live in apartments who really have no place to charge and therefore do not buy EVs. 40% of the population—mainly renters—are left out of the EV revolution due to lack of affordable and convenient changing.

  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions from replacing gas cars with EVs.

  • Aligning many parties together: municipalities (involved in building codes), utilities (hold the power equipment), regulators (approvals), and property owners, who are the ultimate payers.

  • Winning a huge grant from the CEC (California Energy Commission).

  • Closing our first year of sales with over 2300 sold EV charging spaces.