Maker Studio

The studio is open to students who are trained and eligible to be in the space. To gain access, please fill out this form.

About the Maker Studio

The Harvard Innovation Labs offers the Maker Studio as a resource for ventures of all kinds, especially those in need of prototyping and manufacturing tools.

Since its opening, the Maker Studio has given hardware-based ventures access to high-caliber tools and equipment. The space doubled in size in the fall of 2015, making it possible for more student and alumni teams working out of the i-lab, Launch Lab, or Life Lab to work on product design and development.

From developing bicycle helmets to robotic arms to wearable health sensors for elite athletes, the Maker Studio plays a pivotal role supporting entrepreneurs and startup teams in the  Venture Incubation Program (VIP). It eliminates the added expenses that can come with outsourcing design, prototyping, and manufacturing to outside labs and third parties, especially for the student-led teams who don’t have funding.

The studio features a wet zone, a dry zone, multiple 3-D printers and resources, collaborative team space, and areas devoted to assembly, manufacturing, rubber molding, and soldering.

A Harvard SEAS PhD student acts as the Maker Studio’s manager, providing training to users before working with the equipment, and addressing safety needs. In order to use the studio, users are required to participate in this short training session.

Please note: the Maker Studio is available full-time enrolled Harvard students interested in pursuing innovation and entrepreneurship at the Harvard Innovation Labs and to members of established venture teams.

Sign up for a training session here.