Venture Teams

(I don’t have a name yet)

Bike seats that automatically adjust based on rider data in order to relieve pain


Bridging academic research in art and design to the commercial world.


Identity verification as a service for web3 companies, for use in mitigating fraud risk and regulatory compliance.


Digital health tools to enhance efficacy and durability of psychiatric ketamine treatments.

1001 LinguaWays

VR narratives for students learning Spanish on a simulated and gamified pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.


1Climate leverages artificial intelligence to streamline the clean energy project evaluation process for small and medium businesses


Abuelita is an application that helps healthcare providers predict domestic abuse when referred to emergency departments or primary healthcare centers

Accessible Bio

We are building a B2B platform that enables industry biologist to run machine learning workflows at a low cost and without having to be an expert AI.


AccountAim takes the manual process of B2B prospect-rep assignment and transforms it into an automatic and intelligent business lever.

Accounts Redeemable

Accounts receivable factoring for factories and the like in tier 2 and 3 developing nations. (e.g., Bangladesh, Vietnam)

Achim Trust

Achim Trust provides access to quality education to talented disadvantaged students in Zimbabwe for them to complete their advanced education.

Acurasset, Inc.

Developing a cure for Hepatitis B virus that could rid patients of the virus within months.