Venture Teams


An application for finding a social place that fits you.

A Better Future

ABF Aims to Become the World’s Leading Cross-sector Talents Sharing Platform

A Place in the Sun Foundation

A Place in the Sun Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by former Peace Corps volunteers and Harvard grad students to improve the quality of early childhood education in West ...

Abridge News

We get people out of their news echo chambers by making it easy to engage with a wide spectrum of opinions on important stories.


Accelorithm is an adaptive learning algorithm that optimizes learning capacity and efficiency for students studying in the science and medical fields.

Accure Health

Accure Health develops and integrates miniaturized biosensor technologies and digital healthcare solutions to enable fast, cost-effective and highly accurate cancer diagnosis in ...

Ace Airways

Ace Airways is a boutique, product-focused airline that transports overseas visitors to Las Vegas and other US leisure destinations, transforming both customers’ expectations and ...


Ace-up aims to be the go-to marketplace for coaches. Our mission is to help coaches develop their business and help people get better coaching.


Healthcare’s Definitive Resource for Continuing Education.


Managing risk is key to managing healthcare costs; effective communication makes it scalable, we aim to do both #ACOsys.


Accountable Care Transactions, Inc. (ACT.md) promotes efficiency and cost reduction in healthcare by enabling, supporting, and monitoring coordinated teamwork among the cluster of ...


A location-based mobile application that helps active people find the right sports partners and book sports facilities for their games.