Venture Teams

Abridge News

We get people out of their news echo chambers by making it easy to engage with a wide spectrum of opinions on important stories.

Accure Health

Accure Health develops and integrates miniaturized biosensor technologies and digital healthcare solutions to enable fast, cost-effective and highly accurate cancer diagnosis in ...


Ace-up aims to be the go-to marketplace for coaches. Our mission is to help coaches develop their business and help people get better coaching.

Aday Technologies

Aday is a B2B human resources and operation platform that enables a paradigm to hire, schedule, and train employees


We make the college admissions process awesome for everyone involved.


We develop affordable wearable health device to monitor respiration. This is a solution to provide feedback for sleep apnea therapies

Aerospec Technologies

We use computer vision technology to accurately analyze asset anomalies

Agile Devices

Agile Devices aims to transform a wide variety of interventional procedures, resulting in improved patient outcomes and large cost savings.


We develop advanced catalytic materials to address global needs for air purification for residential, industrial, and automotive sectors.


Using mobile and blockchain technology, Airfox is bringing financial inclusion to the billions of unbanked people in emerging markets.


Airr is building a better way to consume and share podcasts.


Akouos is developing novel therapies and delivery systems to prevent hearing loss and restore hearing in genetically defined patient populations.