Venture Teams


ADITUM is a medical e-learning platform. It provides health experts with an easy and simple way to create and share interactive medical cases.


AlmaPact offers a new way to pay for school, where a student receives their required funding and, in return, guarantees a percentage of their income.


AMRx creates innovative solutions targeting antimicrobial resistance.


architect offers a drag-and-drop data science platform for creating, visualizing, and training machine learning models.

At Your Service

At Your Service is a personalized online delivery and pickup platform offering services like grocery, alcohol, laundry and general pickup and drop-off.


CareZooming is a web-based learning platform and expert network providing clinicians with technical expertise for their next healthcare delivery project.


Chest binders and sports bras cause health issues when worn too long. ChestX measures compression in smart fabric to adjust the force across the breasts.


ChicDrop connects fashion artists and apparel brands to create a fun, no-stress, and personalized shopping experience for female shoppers on a budget.


CommonHealth is a social media platform that focuses on using social support to promote wellness, access, education, and connection.


DataFleets enables analysis and products to be built on sensitive and siloed data, without the need to aggregate it, move it, or expose it.


Diverso is a student-run film fund that aims to eliminate the socio-economic risks for young diverse filmmakers through fellowships and grants.


FeedBack is a social media platform that turns fanatic consumer bases into external consultants for a company’s product and marketing strategy.