Venture Teams

“Ag-Financing NewCo”

We will offer small and medium farms seasonal crop financing and specialized solutions to incentivize sustainable agriculture practices.

1st Point Health, P.B.C.

1st Point connects Veterans seeking mental health care with licensed Mental Health Providers located nationwide at a savings to the VA.

A to Z

A to Z – online travel wesbite/app for friends to collect and share travel info in offbeat places especially developing countries.


We are building a customizable generic platform that allows businesses to create individual two-sided marketplaces without needing programming skills.


Finding building products, simplified.

ACT- Anti Racist Community Teaching

ACT is a platform for white educators to explore their ethnic-racial identity and develop a positive anti-racist identity with other educators

Admeeted, Inc.

Admeeted is a video-conferencing social media platform that groups and shuffles users into series of small video calls based on user characteristics.

Against All Odds

Digital archive of resources and a community for undocumented students to learn about navigating the college process and unique career paths.


Innovative financial product enables people with limited capital to access safe investments with amplified returns traditionally unavailable to them


Spirulina-infused water beverage – a lifestyle drink with an exceptional nutritional profile (high protein, low cal, high vitamins).

Allston Telematics

Allston Telematics uses smartphone sensor data to improve driver behavior and help auto insurers more accurately appraise risk.

Angel Grantmaking Platform

Matches donors (affluent) with early stage nonprofit founders (angel/seed stage) to provide sizable funding ($5-50K)