Venture Teams


2Store1 addresses the retail real-estate crisis in Lebanon through occupancy matchmaking and playful spatial solutions.

Accure Health Inc.

Accure Health develops and integrates miniaturized biosensor technologies and digital healthcare solutions to enable fast, cost-effective and highly accurate cancer diagnosis in ...


Ace is a branding agency that provides models, social media content, Photoshop editing, and influencer marketing for bra

Acrobatics Circus Troupe

We use acrobatics and education as a foundation to fight poverty.


Creates a platform that creates, organizes, and runs events for people to meet, socialize, and interact.

African Health Institute

Partnering with on-ground organizations to amend or optimize an accredited emergency healthcare training curriculum.


Creating a network of greenhouses with sub-saharan adapted aquaponics units to eliminate produce imports.


Agora is a community of young Japanese female professionals, gathering together to inspire and support each other.

Aliro Quantum Technologies

Software to make today’s quantum computers accessible and useful to any software developer.


To mitigate the menace of plastic pollution we have developed AquaPlastic that is water-processable and biodegradable.


Why should emerging scholars speak or write for free? We connect scholars with galleries and cultural institutions.


auggi helps individuals with chronic gut disorders make better everyday decisions to keep symptoms at bay