Venture Teams

“Waspita Blood Bank Solutions”

A digitally optimized blood bank management platform to enable African hospitals interface in blood product distribution.

1,000 More

It facilitates crowd-funding lobbying efforts so that average Americans have access to that part of our democracy.


1Room delivers an individualized high school education through offline tablets in one room, with a single staff member.


2Store1 addresses the retail real-estate crisis in Lebanon through occupancy matchmaking and playful spatial solutions.


I will help companies design and implement apprenticeship programs which will allow them to both skill up and diversify.


First outdoor wear company focused on deserts

A to Z

Friends share information about international travel that is normally fragmented and unreliable on the internet. As the travel industry adapts during a Covid-era, friends’ advice ...

Accure Health Inc.

Accure Health develops and integrates miniaturized biosensor technologies and digital healthcare solutions to enable fast, cost-effective and highly accurate cancer diagnosis in ...


Ace is a branding agency that provides models, social media content, Photoshop editing, and influencer marketing for bra


acelab empowers ACE professionals to make responsible choices through preconstruction intelligence.

Acrobatics Circus Troupe

We use acrobatics and education as a foundation to fight poverty.


Creates a platform that creates, organizes, and runs events for people to meet, socialize, and interact.