Venture Teams


Lideres provides mentoring services and leadership skills to historically excluded youth to support their development as leaders of their community.


An app that enables anyone to cash-in cash-out, receive wages (and more) within 200 meters of their homes plus a network of vendors offering training.

(Still under. construction)

Fostering leadership and positive cultural identity in economically marginalized youth by curating dynamic educational experiences abroad and at home.


[Unnamed] allows users to electronically donate to people without homes with confidence that they will be redeemed for essential items (e.g., food).

360 Sustainable Seafood

Produce sustainably-farmed seafood in recirculating tanks by using hydroponic plants to absorb waste.


Acadpub (Academic Publishing) provides simple, easy-to-understand descriptions of academic research to make it accessible to a wider audience.


Managed and monitored cybersecurity and privacy, backed by insurance.

Activation You

Source and process active ingredient of psilocybin for the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction.


Adaptilens is developing an intraocular lens that will allow people to have clear near, intermediate, and distance vision without glasses or contacts.


Making it easy to keep your address up to date with every party that you want to keep in the loop.

Afya Pamoja

An SMS patient feedback service to provide performance management data for public healthcare managers in Tanzania to improve service quality.


I want to disrupt education by using gaming, one of the most engaging tools available, as a vehicle.