Venture Teams


An app that enables anyone to cash-in cash-out, receive wages (and more) within 200 meters of their homes plus a network of vendors offering training.


Acadpub (Academic Publishing) provides simple, easy-to-understand descriptions of academic research to make it accessible to a wider audience.

Afya Pamoja

An SMS patient feedback service to provide performance management data for public healthcare managers in Tanzania to improve service quality.


Agora aims to create an all-in-one platform where consumers can buy, sell, and trade sneakers and manage sneaker collections.


Bridging the gap between supply and demand for East African farmers and food businesses through data analytics and mobile-based B2B distribution.


Using revolutionary nano-sat technology and design, AgX is an IoT system that achieves precision agriculture with improved environmental outcomes.

Ai Am Me

Interactive programs designed to help Asian Americans youth build the awareness, confidence and soft skills to break the bamboo ceiling.

AI for Indigenous Languages

Utilizes an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to revitalize extinct or dormant American Indian and Alaska Native languages.

Allo Health

We are building a digital companion for the next-generation of family caregivers in Southeast Asia

Almond Finance

Almond achieves borderless financial inclusion and extends economic opportunity by making interoperability across financial service providers possible

Angelie Vie

Angelie Vie (AV) is a solution for post-consumer fashion waste via a unique second life proposition for single use apparel through upcycling.

Anise Health, Inc.

A culturally-informed digital mental health platform for ethnic minorities, starting with the Asian American population.