Venture Teams


Managed and monitored cybersecurity and privacy, backed by insurance.


Adaptilens is developing an intraocular lens that will allow people to have clear near, intermediate, and distance vision without glasses or contacts.


Aurie is building an reusable intermittent catheter system to improve quality of life and health outcomes for people living with urinary retention.

Burq, Inc.

Burq allows businesses to offer delivery to their customers through a single API integration!


A virtual chief of staff for managers to automate their repetitive business processes and run more efficient teams and projects

Concord Materials

Saas-enabled B2B marketplace with embedded fintech features for bulk materials in the construction industry.


Delfina offers pregnant women and their physicians a real-time intelligent monitoring system to predict fetal risk and guide clinical decisions.

Empowered Homes Inc.

Use tech to help homes easily transition from coal-fired grid energy to renewable solar energy; supporting them to maximize returns from solar systems

Imago Rehab

Imago Rehab enables superior recovery outcomes for stroke survivors through a combination of home-use wearable robotics and digital health.

Kiwi Biosciences

Kiwi Bio develops novel enzymes to make food a painless experience for at least 1 in 8 people who cannot enjoy the most common and nutritious foods.


Metric provides analytics software to help private market investors measure their portfolio’s environmental, social, and governance performance.

Naya Studio

Naya is a platform that helps entrepreneurs and enterprises turn concepts into real products for their customers.