Venture Teams

!Nosotros Programamos!

A Spanish language coding school, Nosotros Programamos is a workforce development hub teaching 21st century skills to marginalized communities.


Adira is making the ‘go-to’ pair of shoes for professional women

Adventus Robotics

Autonomous wheelchairs to improve the lives of the severely disabled, and to minimize passenger-porter interaction for safer airports and hospitals.


Aerate connects low-income, housing insecure children in Boston with alternative prescriptions to prevent the onset and exacerbation of asthma.

AI Bias Consulting

We provide auditing services to help identify and mitigate algorithmic bias for companies building Machine Learning-based applications.


AllHere fosters student attendance with mobile messaging powered by AI; we build chatbots that support families + students to + through school.


Developing a web platform for older adults, especially those who are less mobile and/or have dementia, to connect with family and friends.


AquilaHome seeks to help the elderly population age in place via a service that covers an annual home assessment and modification based on their need


A great smelling, adaptable, and convenient composting system that gives back to the earth, increases biodiversity, and improves human health.


Blanket offers an accurate, real-time drug pricing API for healthcare providers.


Bowlton partners with quick-service restaurants to prepare and serve their food fresh in strategically placed robotic kiosks

BPP Diagnostics

BPP Diagnostics offers high-throughput ex vivo simulations of the micro-evolutionary process within solid tumors.