Venture Teams

!Nosotros Programamos!

A Spanish language coding school, Nosotros Programamos is a workforce development hub teaching 21st century skills to marginalized communities.

A.I. Heroes

Learn STEM and get inspired by your own scientific heroes thanks to machine learning, chatbox, text-to-speech, and A.I. synthetic media technologies.


Acadpub (Academic Publishing) provides simple, easy-to-understand descriptions of academic research to make it accessible to a wider audience.


AcousticaBio – Advancing Manufacturing for Life


Adira is making the ‘go-to’ pair of shoes for professional women

Adventus Robotics

Autonomous wheelchairs to improve the lives of the severely disabled, and to minimize passenger-porter interaction for safer airports and hospitals.


A full life cycle matching and maintenance relationship application tailored towards college students.


Aerate connects low-income, housing insecure children in Boston with alternative prescriptions to prevent the onset and exacerbation of asthma.


Aero seeks to overcome the issue of scalability in the aeroponic farming space by using species-specific algorithms to manage larger infrastructures.

Afya Pamoja

A digital patient feedback service to provide performance management data for public healthcare managers in Tanzania to improve service quality.


Agora is an online marketplace dedicated to the purchase, sale, and trade of new and used sneakers, apparel, and other items.

AI Bias Consulting

We provide auditing services to help identify and mitigate algorithmic bias for companies building Machine Learning-based applications.