Venture Teams

A.I. Heroes

Learn STEM and get inspired by your own scientific heroes thanks to machine learning, chatbox, text-to-speech, and A.I. synthetic media technologies.


Acadpub (Academic Publishing) is a social platform that allows professors and think tanks to make their research accessible to a wider audience.


AcousticaBio – Advanced Manufacturing for Life


A social ecommerce application that will provide a rewarding way for college students to meet their peers.


Aero seeks to overcome the issue of scalability in the aeroponic farming space by using species-specific algorithms to manage larger infrastructures.

Afya Pamoja

A digital patient feedback service to provide performance management data for public healthcare managers in Tanzania to improve service quality.


Agora is an online marketplace dedicated to the purchase, sale, and trade of new and used sneakers, apparel, and other items.

Aikili Biosystems, Inc.

Aikili’s next-generation single cell analysis platform is used to develop and test biomarkers for precision oncology.


AKKO provides comprehensive, affordable, and simple protection for your everyday items you rely on.

Almond Finance

Almond achieves borderless financial inclusion and extends economic opportunity by making interoperability across financial service providers possible

Altru Technologies, Inc.

Altru is a platform that curates a custom portfolio of nonprofits for your donation based on the causes and issues you care about in a local context.

Amazing School of Life

We help connect retired individuals, teenagers of 13-19 by providing an online learning website and App platform.