Venture Teams


An app that enables the unbanked to cash-in & out, receive wages, and more within 200 meters of their homes, + a network of vendors offering training

1661 Schmid Family Vineyards

My venture produces sustainable wine.

7Gen Bank, a native Community Development Bank

7Gen is a pre-seed stage Native CDFI aimed to solve the 16.5% unbanked and underbanked problem in Indian Country through financial inclusion.


To provide an affordable, accessible, and accurate point of care diagnostic kit for sepsis.

Above & Beyond Care

Above & Beyond Care provides smart monitoring devices to patients with chronic conditions and delivers clinically-powered analytics to providers.

Acurasset Therapeutics

Developing a cure for Hepatitis B virus that could rid patients of the virus within months.

Adaptive Art Technologies

We develop adaptive technologies with the purpose of providing alternative means of creative expression, particularly to people with disabilities.


Improve access to justice by providing unprivileged populations, access to data and information to navigate legal challenges.


Build a platform to connect teachers with AR/VR creators to improve educational outcomes.

Afya Pamoja

An SMS patient feedback service to provide performance management data for public healthcare managers in Tanzania to improve service quality.


Agora aims to digitalize physical items in order to efficiently transfer valuable assets.

AI for Indigenous Languages

Utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to revitalize extinct or dormant American Indian and Alaska Native languages.