Venture Teams


Accelorithm is an adaptive learning algorithm that optimizes learning capacity and efficiency for students studying in the science and medical fields.


Managing risk is key to managing healthcare costs; effective communication makes it scalable, we aim to do both #ACOsys.


Accountable Care Transactions, Inc. (ACT.md) promotes efficiency and cost reduction in healthcare by enabling, supporting, and monitoring coordinated teamwork among the cluster of ...

Africa Healthcare Network

Africa Healthcare Network aims to establish the first dialysis chain in Sub-Saharan Africa, offering high-quality, life-saving care at affordable cost. AHN combines world-class ...

Aikili Biosystems, Inc.

Aikili’s next-generation single cell analysis platform is used to develop and test biomarkers for precision oncology.


Akouos is developing novel therapies and delivery systems to prevent hearing loss and restore hearing in genetically defined patient populations.

Aldatu Biosciences

Aldatu Biosciences is a biotechnology company applying its proprietary genotyping platform – PANDAA – to the development of innovative diagnostics designed to meet unmeet clinical needs ...


allyDVM, Inc. is the ultimate ally for doctors of veterinary medicine. allyDVM consists of two parts. First, it is a practice owner’s association that provides independent animal ...

Anise Health

Culturally-competent mental health platform that offers a full spectrum of services, from coaching to therapy to psychiatry, delivered virtually.

Antera Therapeutics

We are preventing allergy developments in infants.

Arbothera Inc.

Arbothera is creating a rapid response platform to combat global infectious diseases by designing “hyper” rational vaccines based on pathogen genomics and host immunological pathways.

Archway Health Advisors

Archway Health Advisors LLC provides advisory services for the healthcare industry. The company designs, executes, and finances care and risk management programs for providers. Its ...