Venture Teams

!Nosotros Programamos!

A Spanish language coding school, Nosotros Programamos is a workforce development hub teaching 21st century skills to marginalized communities.


Aerate connects low-income, housing insecure children in Boston with alternative prescriptions to prevent the onset and exacerbation of asthma.


AllHere fosters student attendance with mobile messaging powered by AI; we build chatbots that support families + students to + through school.


Developing a web platform for older adults, especially those who are less mobile and/or have dementia, to connect with family and friends.


A great smelling, adaptable, and convenient composting system that gives back to the earth, increases biodiversity, and improves human health.


Breaktime works to end young adult homelessness through transitional employment and financial empowerment.

Brighter Futures: Building Climate Leaders through a Community-Driven Curriculum

We have created an interdisciplinary, participatory, community-focused curriculum to build students’ leadership skills toward local climate issues.


Calma creates meaningful connections between Latins living in the US and Latin therapists and psychologists based in Latin American countries.

Campaigners for Change International

We groom and empower entrepreneurs by providing them business development skills and expose corruption in public offices and demand prosecution.


Illuminate hidden similarities to tackle complex problems.

Clubes de Ciencia Ecuador

Clubes de Ciencia Ecuador provides young students in Ecuador with high-quality active-learning STEM workshops to promote interest in the sciences.

Critical Healthcare Information Integration Network, Inc.

Our platform is a free-for-use SMS messaging system providing validated medical reference information to community health workers in rural settings.