Venture Teams


We find ways to publicize researchers’ work, bringing cutting-edge campaigns to the industry with a cost-effective innovative processor.


Our nonprofit will create an advocacy- and research-based pipeline for recent high school Alumni to win their Board of Education campaign.


We provide software that automates legal, tax, finance, and insurance for rental home investors, finally enabling rental home investing to be passive.


A.I.mpacted is a platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to boost return on investment within public education and the social impact sectors.


Software to ensure B2B sales team work their best accounts with the optimal activity

Accounts Redeemable

Invoice financing for textile companies in SE Asia

Acurasset Inc.,

Developing a functional cure for chronic liver diseases, namely hepatitis B virus and liver cancers.

Adaptive Art Technologies

We develop interactive tools and technologies that enable people with disabilities to express themselves creatively.


We’re developing a low-cost autoinjector for anaphylactic allergies. With a sleek design that fits in your wallet, Adrena is there when you need it.

Adroit Home Services

A subscription service crafted to present a truly distinctive and holistic approach to home maintenance.


Consumer protection for blockchain transactions.


We prioritize transparency, eliminating friction among providers, insurers, and patients during payment processes. Educate patients, equip providers.