Venture Teams


Lideres provides mentoring services and leadership skills to historically excluded youth to support their development as leaders of their community.

!Nosotros Programamos!

A Spanish language coding school, Nosotros Programamos is a workforce development hub teaching 21st century skills to marginalized communities.


An app that enables the unbanked to cash-in & out, receive wages, and more within 200 meters of their homes, + a network of vendors offering training

“Ag-Financing NewCo”

We will offer small and medium farms seasonal crop financing and specialized solutions to incentivize sustainable agriculture practices.

“Waspita Blood Bank Solutions”

A digitally optimized blood bank management platform to enable African hospitals interface in blood product distribution.

(Still under. construction)

Fostering leadership and positive cultural identity in economically marginalized youth by curating dynamic educational experiences abroad and at home.


[Unnamed] allows users to electronically donate to people without homes with confidence that they will be redeemed for essential items (e.g., food).

1,000 More

It facilitates crowd-funding lobbying efforts so that average Americans have access to that part of our democracy.

1661 Schmid Family Vineyards

My venture produces sustainable wine.


1Room delivers an individualized high school education through offline tablets in one room, with a single staff member.

1st Point Health, P.B.C.

1st Point connects Veterans seeking mental health care with licensed Mental Health Providers located nationwide at a savings to the VA.


2Store1 addresses the retail real-estate crisis in Lebanon through occupancy matchmaking and playful spatial solutions.