Venture Teams

!Nosotros Programamos!

A Spanish language coding school, Nosotros Programamos is a workforce development hub teaching 21st century skills to marginalized communities.


An app that enables anyone to cash-in cash-out, receive wages (and more) within 200 meters of their homes plus a network of vendors offering training.

“Ag-Financing NewCo”

We will offer small and medium farms seasonal crop financing and specialized solutions to incentivize sustainable agriculture practices.

“Waspita Blood Bank Solutions”

A digitally optimized blood bank management platform to enable African hospitals interface in blood product distribution.

1,000 More

It facilitates crowd-funding lobbying efforts so that average Americans have access to that part of our democracy.


1Room delivers an individualized high school education through offline tablets in one room, with a single staff member.

1st Point Health, P.B.C.

1st Point connects Veterans seeking mental health care with licensed Mental Health Providers located nationwide at a savings to the VA.


2Store1 addresses the retail real-estate crisis in Lebanon through occupancy matchmaking and playful spatial solutions.


I will help companies design and implement apprenticeship programs which will allow them to both skill up and diversify.


An application for finding a social place that fits you.


First outdoor wear company focused on deserts

A Better Future

ABF Aims to Become the World’s Leading Cross-sector Talents Sharing Platform