Venture Teams

Accure Health Inc.

Accure Health develops and integrates miniaturized biosensor technologies and digital healthcare solutions to enable fast, cost-effective and highly accurate cancer diagnosis in ...


Akouos is developing novel therapies and delivery systems to prevent hearing loss and restore hearing in genetically defined patient populations.

Aldatu Biosciences

Aldatu Biosciences is a biotechnology company applying its proprietary genotyping platform – PANDAA – to the development of innovative diagnostics designed to meet unmeet clinical needs ...

Arbothera Inc.

Arbothera is creating a rapid response platform to combat global infectious diseases by designing “hyper” rational vaccines based on pathogen genomics and host immunological pathways.

Artus Therapeutics

Artus therapeutics is developing novel oral therapeutics targeting barrier dysfunction diseases including IBD, NASH, and Diabetic Retinopathy.

Beacon Genomics

Beacon Genomics enables safer genome editing via its exclusively licensed off-target specificity assays: GUIDE-Seq and CIRCLE-Seq.


Catalog is harnessing the power of DNA to enable the next generation of digital data archives.

change:WATER Labs

change:WATER Labs is developing a revolutionary technology to drastically minimize the increasing volumes of distributed wastewater in developing countries, using a super-hydrophilic ...

Concerto Biosciences

Concerto Biosciences builds custom microbial combinations to accomplish novel functions in agriculture and human health.

Day Zero Diagnostics

Antibiotic resistance prediction using whole genome sequencing for fast diagnosis of bacterial infections.


At DeepBiome, we have a different vision for drug discovery. Digital. Scalable. Automatable. The future of pharma is nothing like the status quo.

DeepSense Surgical LLC

DeepSense Surgical quickly identifies human tissue during surgery using a deep learning and with high sensitivity, low noise electrical signaling.