Industry Experts

Unlock expert advice and guidance

Students and ventures have access to a wide range of one-on-one advising, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Depending on a student’s interests, we connect them with experts to help guide them to their goals or achieve their specific needs. These industry experts offer real-world know-how to students to help them launch businesses that are ready for the rigors of the professional world.

Types of Experts


Experts-in-Residence (EiR) Program brings together active entrepreneurs and business leaders to advise students from across Harvard and help nurture their ideas. EiRs are appointed directly by the Deans at each Harvard School, and they host one-on-one appointments with Harvard students. Book to meet with EiRs through Office Hours.

Innovation Fellows

Appointed by i-lab leadership, Innovation Fellows are mission-driven leaders, executives and successful entrepreneurs who cover industry verticals: Consumer, B2B, Health & Science, or Social Impact. They host one-on-one appointments with Harvard students. Book to meet with Innovation Fellows through Office Hours.


The i-lab offers a variety of functional specialists to meet with students one-on-one during scheduled office hours. Specialists provide support on marketing, PR, accounting, technology, product development, and a variety of other areas. They can be individuals with a deep expertise in a particular area or firms specializing in an area such as marketing or PR.  Book to meet with Specialists through Office Hours.

Legal Partners

The Harvard Law School has appointed firms with deep expertise in the startup ecosystem. They hold regular office hours and workshops throughout the year. Book to meet with Legal Partners through Office Hours.


Mentor Program is for Venture Program teams who are commercializing and are active in the i-lab space.

The Mentor Program is meant for deep-engagement, higher-frequency commitment and requires students to meet with their mentor numerous times throughout the semester. The Mentor Program is a semester-long program.

Venture Partners

Angels, investors, impact investors and VCs participate in a variety of programming, including online demo day, workshops, and feedback sessions.  Many also offer one-on-one office hours.